Warzone Caldera Challenge – Event Format, Results and Broadcast

The Call of Duty League might have just gotten back underway for the season, but Warzone is getting a competitive challenge of its own throughout March. The Warzone Caldera Challenge is going to be kicking off this month. It features a huge prize pool for Warzone with $100,000 on offer to players.

Although, that is spread across the month of action. This is how the events going to work, how you can watch, and who is taking part in the event:


Warzone Caldera Challenge

The Warzone Caldera Challenge is a tournament being held on the new Caldera map. The event features a pretty similar format to previous Warzone events, but the current state of the game is bound to spice up gameplay.

The tournament is going to be played in a Duos kill-race format. Two duos drop into a game and race to hit the kill-milestone first. The tournament began with three qualifiers. These have smaller prize pools of 15K but offer the opportunity to get into the main finals that feature a full $50,000 prize pool.

Teams will be competing in a double-elimination bracket. Each Duo will face off against another in a kill race. Those who advance will move forward until the top 8 Duos are found to move into the finals. There are the standard competitive rules here like planes are not allowed and no jailbreaks if your partner is down.

Warzone Caldera Challenge Schedule

The Warzone Caldera Challenge is going to be running the entire way through March. This is a bit longer than what’s often planned for Warzone tournaments. This gives it a real sense of importance, along with the high prize pool. This is the schedule for when each of the rounds is taking place:

  • 1st Qualifier – March 1st
  • 2nd Qualifier – March 8th
  • 3rd Qualifier – March 22nd
  • Finals – March 29th

*Aydan and zSmit won the first qualifier.

Who is Playing?

That’s how the format and schedule are going to work for the Warzone Caldera Challenge. In terms of who is competing, we don’t have a full roster just yet. However, we know the majority of the teams and most from the early qualifiers. These are all of the Duos unveiled so far:

  • Aydan and zSmit
  • zColorss and BasedGodXenon
  • NobuSpartan and AyzenLr
  • Mirrey_TV and GoatClamp
  • Kiladelphia and Roadaliday23
  • Intechs and Stukawaki
  • HusKerrs and Newbz
  • FivebyFive and Senseful
  • BrittneyRaines and Validhands
  • Braxtvnn and Envader
  • Braalik and Exzachtt
  • Swagg and Booya
  • Zepti and Fees
  • Spreoes and Fluxury
  • Apathy and Slacked
  • Repullze and LuckyChamu
  • iSmixie and SamLovely
  • Flxnked and Abstract12
  • ShawnJ and Bayskiis
  • Tommey and Destroy

Those are all of the Duos currently announced for the tournament.

Where to Watch

The Warzone Caldera Challenge is being streamed on BoomTV. While individuals will have their own streams, BoomTV’s official Twitch will have the main broadcast. This is the best way to watch giving you an even spread of the action. BoomTV has been pretty consistent with Warzone tournaments. However, the Caldera Challenge is one of their biggest.

This newest addition looks set to be a fun exploration of new content in the game and how it’ll impact players at the top of the skill level. These Warzone tournaments are even being included for Call of Duty betting at some esports bookmakers. Be sure to check out these qualifiers in-between the CDL’s new week of fixtures.