New world record and cheating accusations – Warzone Caldera Challenge

This week saw Warzone’s latest major event get underway, the Caldera Challenge Week 2. The tournament saw some great action on display by pros, and it might have been one of the more event-filled tournaments run so far in Warzone. One Duos smashed through a World Record, mid-tournament.

While one player has now been accused of cheating during the tournament. This is what went on between both sets of players that have captured attention.

Caldera Challenge Warzone Cheating

Shifting Accused of Hacking in Caldera Challenge

The Caldera Challenge Week 1 has a high prize pool even on this early qualifying round. It seems some players haven’t played entirely fairly though. The pro player Shifty has been accused of hacking multiple times in the past. This has grown quite a bit in recent months, with CDL pros stepping in to back up the charges. This has culminated this week when a number of pros have accused the player of cheating during the Caldera Challenge.

Most of this centers around one kill, where Shifty locks onto an opponent from quite a long-range before he hits them with a very exact shot. For a player on controller, a lot of players have pointed towards this being cheating.

In the tournament Shifty’s Duo didn’t win but he did come third and have the best Kill to death. Not everyone is in agreement that he was cheating here though. Other players like Tommey have said the clip leaves room for interpretation so you can’t be sure that he was cheating here. It doesn’t seem like we have a 100% clear answer here, but it might be something to watch for Shifty’s future apparencies.

Warzone Duo breaks World Record

Players accused of cheating at the tournament isn’t the only major bit of news to pop up. There are some much more positive developments too. Probably the brightest bit of news from the recent Warzone Caldera Challenge Week 1 was a world record was broken mid-tournament! Tournaments like this have a format where four players are lobbied together. They’re on a team but compete separately in a kill race.

The format means that you get to share a lobby, and it puts pros in a 2-v-4 situation that stacks the difficulty a bit more. However, it can mean that the total kills for a team can get high. A game during the recent tournament saw Biffle and Evan face Hisoka and Shifty. They managed to hit an enormous number, totaling 135 kills. This is a ridiculous portion of the lobby! The average ranking of the lobby they dropped into was a bit lower than expected, but it doesn’t much away from an insane game.

The better score for kills was Evan and Biffle who managed 68, as opposed to Hisoka and shifty who got 67. This was an impressive world record for Quad kills, even if it isn’t quite in the standard format for Quads! The world record might be slightly tainted by the accusations against Shifty, but the other three players definitely made a huge contribution.

That’s the takeaway from the recent Warzone Caldera Challenge Week 2. These are just the opening rounds of the tournaments, and already huge things like world records are being broken. Warzone is definitely proving itself one of the most entertaining games to watch competitively at the moment.