Wolves Esports serious contender in Jönköping after back-to-back R6 EUL win

Wolves esports haven’t been a part of Rainbow Six for very long, but they’ve already claimed a new record for the European League. Wolves Esports R6 has won their second European League Stage, becoming the first team to take back-to-back wins at the event.

The team won over €15,000 at the tournament and have secured their spot at an upcoming major. This back-to-back win puts them massively ahead in Europe and redefines the balance of power in the region.

Wolves R6

Wolves Esports R6 Team GETS back-to-Back Wins

Wolves Esports R6 team only entered the esport in May 2022. The team is connected to the Wolves football club, but their recent esports efforts have begun to pay off more and more. The team entered this game in May, acquiring a pre-built roster of former Vitality players after they disbanded in February. Most of the team comes from the last stage of Vitality’s journey in the game, being primarily French. Under Vitality they had some decent results, but it has blown away by their recent achievements as the Wolves Esports R6 team.

The Wolves team this week completed Stage 3 of the R6 European League. After the long tournament, they took 1st place at Stage 3. This nets them the lion’s share of the prize pool, and 225 Six Invitational Points, along with qualification at the Jönköping Major. This isn’t their first European League victory though; the team also took the win at the last stage. Wolves won Stage 2 as well, becoming the first team to manage back-to-back wins in this event.

These two wins cement their top spot in Europe and mark them as a team to watch for Rainbow Six betting at the upcoming majors. These two Stages were the first Wolves esports R6 team competed in during the European League in 2022. They were missing from the first stage, as they were yet to form when the tournament started up.

This record breaking run definitely marks them out as one of the top teams to watch. It sees their management is pretty pleased with how the inaugural season is going too.

The Jönköping Major is going to be the next test of the team. Here they’ll face the top teams Rainbow six teams. Having won two league stages back-to-back, they’re looking strong heading in.

Wolves Esports Expansion

Wolves Esports R6 team has achieved record successes. However, it seems the wider Wolves teams are doing well accross esports. The teams are run by the UK football club Wolverhampton Wanders, or Wolves to most.

They aren’t the only traditional sports team to get into esports. However, Wolves esports has expanded to games beyond the normal sports simulators, and not felt the need to rename their esports team to something more esports-specific. The Wolves esports team proudly have the same name, logo, and even team colors as the Premier League side. This unified branding helps fans to know every squad under the Wolves label.

Wolves has expanded a lot recently. Their record-breaking R6 team came in May. They’ve since added even more teams in their roster. That includes a big move into the world of Honor of Kings. Here Wolves bought out the huge QGHappy squad.

Wolves is currently running teams in FIFA, CodD Mobile, Rocket League, Rainbow 6, Honor of Kings and more. A lot of these teams are seeing decent wins. That includes the Wolves esports R6 team that has achieved this record-breaking run. While Wolves themselves are teetering in the relegation zone of the Premier League, their esports teams are faring much better.