WoW 18th Anniversary – Gifts, Events & More

Many expected that the WoW anniversary would come somewhere in December after Dragonflight has launched. Of course, that would not mean that players would not be able to enjoy it as much considering that they would have other content to do. Instead, the event has been moved to last from November 6th until November 27th , and here are the things you can expect from it.

Gift for logging in

Like every year, everyone who logs into their retail World of Warcraft account will receive a gift. This year, players will receive 200 Timewarped Badges and an item that starts a quest which leads to Caverns of Time. There, you will discover other quest givers from whom you can get additional rewards during the event.


Image Credit | Wowhead

Purchase goodies with Timewarped Badges

By completing daily quests, clearing dungeons, and killing Classic bosses like Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and Dragons of Nightmare, you will be able to earn Timewarped Badges that you can spend on all kinds of items that Historian Ma’di is selling.

Besides numerous items sold by the vendor for badges, you can also get your hands on the Celebration Package, which increases experience and reputation gains by 18%. This makes it the perfect time to level up some alts and get them ready for the Dragonflight expansion, which launches one day after the anniversary event.

Test your new UI while enjoying old content

Considering that there is a new Dragonflight UI, if you are not comfortable doing the latest content, you might want to plough through old content and see how it plays out, especially if you are using the new controller options.

We already mentioned the way you can grind Timewarped badges, and during that time, you will also be able to complete a weekly quest, “Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin”, where you will be able to get the Doomwalker Trophy Stand toy, the Illidari Dragonhawk mount, and many transmog items.

For those who fancy PvP more than PvE, Alterac Valley of Olde is the perfect thing to participate in, especially if you are playing one of the best classes in Dragonflight pre-patch, which will give you an edge over other players.

In this version of Alterac Valley, you will have to loot the corpses of your enemies and summon powerful reinforcements, just like players did back in the early days of Alterac Valley before it became a rush fiesta. By participating in Alterac Valley of Olde, you will earn a mount: Stormpike Battle Ram if you are Alliance and Frostwolf Snarler if you are Horde.

Many other activities are waiting for you in Caverns of Time

Once you are done with all the PvE and PvP content, you can explore the Caverns of Time and have some fun with all the activities that are available at the location, such as Khadgar-ball Soccer.

While it would have been nice to explore the content with new Dragonflight gear and abilities, this anniversary might just be the last hoorah that Shadowlands needed anyway, so go and have some fun!