WoW Dragonflight Already Nerfing Dracthyr Soar Ability

New World of Warcraft expansions are definitely one of the most exciting things that the game can receive apart from some big patch updates with well-known villains, and Dragonflight is certainly hitting the mark on that. While Dragonflight is still in its alpha state, Blizzard seems to be being Blizzard again by not listening to what the community wants. Instead, they are doing what they think is right.


Image Credits | Wowhead

Repeating the mistakes from the past

We all know how Battle for Azeroth turned out with the whole corruption mechanic before they implemented a shop where players could purchase dedicated corruptions. Even then, they were on a rotation, which was not what players asked. In Shadowlands, covenants were something that a lot of people complained about since day one in alpha, especially when it comes to soulbinds being time-gated for respeccing.

Luckily, even after those two disasters when it comes to ignoring community feedback, World of Warcraft still manages to be one of the best MMORPG games out there, but Blizzard should really stop taking that for granted. There are quite a lot of great games on the rise that are listening to their community when it comes to feedback, like Ashes of Creation and even New World, which happened to flop due to lack of content, is trying to salvage itself by listening to the community.

What is the community displeased by?

The situation that reflects the mistakes of the past is the one revolving around the nerf to the Dracthyr ability called Soar. Dracthyr is a brand new race of expansion, so it is expected that some broken mechanics will be released. However, even with newly released mechanics and expected nerfs to the overpowered ones, Soar is certainly not the ability that should be one of them, as there are many other Dracthyr abilities that will be a deciding factor when it comes to WoW betting events.

What is Soar? Dragonflight is going to bring us a brand new flying mechanic called Dragon Riding that can only be used in Dragon Isles, and players are able to gain up to 930% move speed by using the mechanic correctly as they soar from high places into the distance. While Dragon Riding is limited to the new zones, Soar can be used anywhere, including older zones, where players are capped to fly at 410% move speed.


Image Credits | Wowhead

One would think that it is a bit unfair for Dracthyr to have 930% move speed over other races, which are capped to 410%, so the nerf from Blizzard to 640% kind of makes sense, right? Well, the community disagrees that nerfing Soar is the right decision, and we completely agree with it. The main reason is that players cannot abuse this in any way because the way a player can fly is very specific, and going from one destination to another is somewhat pointless in modern WoW anyway, as there is a teleport for pretty much anything.

The TLDR is “Players are reaching a destination 5-10 seconds faster? Fun detected! We must nerf it to 10-15 seconds”, which is a bit disappointing, as it seems Blizzard still does not want their players to have harmless fun. As Blizzard acquires Proletariat fully, where the new employees get more say in the Dragonflight development, we hope that changes like this are reverted.

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