Are you a Dota 2 player or a fan of the popular esport? You can get the lowdown on one of the top professional Dota 2 gamers in the industry, Resolut1on, right here. Our profile will not only introduce you to the player’s history and the teams he’s played for, but it’ll also help you to learn about the roles Resolut1on has played. You’ll be able to witness how he’s used his skill and prowess within the Dota 2 competitive community to climb to the top of the professional gaming circuit. We’ll also discuss some of Resolut1on’s achievements, both past and present, with coverage paying particular attention to large Dota 2 events and tournaments.

Player Background

Resolut1on, or Roman Fomanok as he is also known, is a professional Dota 2 player who hails from the Ukraine. In a similar vein to other top players, he’s a young professional, only in his 20s. In spite of his age, Resolut1on has been playing Dota 2 for several years, first coming to prominence in 2013, with Virtus Pro having made a play for him after his performances with iCCup.

Roles and favourite Dota 2 Heroes

When Resolut1on started out, he adopted primarily mid role heroes, though this tactic soon changed, with him now going between both carry and solo middle. This ability to move seamlessly from one role to another not only reinforces his multitalented nature, but has also given references to him being similar to Dendi, a name we all know. Even though Resolut1on has the ability to span roles with confidence, like many other Dota 2 professionals, he has preferred characters to play. By looking at his hero stats, we can see that Invoker, Puck, and Dragon Knight are now among his most played personas.

Present and past teams

As we’ve already mentioned, Resolut1on began his Dota 2 career by playing with ICCup, a team whom later changed their name to Terrible Terrible Damage. The reason behind this change was due to ICCup failing to attract continued support from their sponsor. Despite this slight upset, no great damage was ever done to Resolut1on, with him having already gained numerous followers within the professional esports community. Even though his move to Virtus Pro didn’t last long, his inclusion in their team landed them a big win at the Techlabs Cup August in 2013. When there, they walked away with $5K in prize money.

Since this time, Resolut1on has flitted about with many teams: Digital Chaos, RoX, and Thunderbirds to name a few. This continued experience, and ability to take teams to the top, is arguably why he has moved teams again, this time to OG.

Achievements so far

The past number of years have proved to be very successful for Resolut1on. Back in 2014, he was instrumental in the victories of team Empire in two big Dota 2 events, where they won first place in both the Dota 2 Champions League Season 3, and the Excellent Moscow Cup 2 in the same year.

As we moved into 2015, Resolut1on led team Empire to a string of first places in various major Dota 2 tournaments, including the StarLadder Star Series Season 11, the joinDota MLG Pro League Season 1, the Dota 2 Champions League Season 5, and the Game Show Global esports Cup Season 1.

That skill meant that Resolut1on was able to secure further wins for his teams in 2016, by ranking 2nd in The International 2016, however his team later came 3rd at The Boston Major 2016. Even though 2016 was more up and down than usual, Resolut1on has come back in 2017, with 1st already under his team’s’ belt at the ESL One Genting 2017.

Taking all of these achievements into account so far, we expect further top rankings to come to the teams that Resolut1on aligns himself with, and so this space looks set to grow in size with each passing year.


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