For many streamers, learning how to become Twitch Partner is the path to the ultimate goal. It’s where legends are made, and it’s where the biggest, brightest streamers are recognised by the platform. While it’s not a role without its controversies, being a Twitch Partner is considered as a membership to the elite tier of streamers on the platform. Once you’ve secured the role of Twitch Partner, you’re considered to have truly made it as a creator.

By the time you reach the lofty heights of Twitch Partner, you’ll likely have secured sponsorships and maybe even some endorsements. It’s also likely that you’ll have thousands of followers, hundreds of paid subscribers, and quite a community gathered behind you. It’s by no means an easy journey to reach that point, and there are countless milestones to achieve before it can happen. That’s why we’ve put this guide together – to teach you how to become Twitch Partner.

how to become twitch partner

What Happens When You Become Twitch Partner?

Between being a Twitch Affiliate and a Twitch Partner, there are many similarities – but also a few exclusive differences. While Twitch Affiliate is considered to be the bare minimum to earn money on Twitch, becoming a Partner will really set you apart from the competition. If you’re trying to learn how to grow on Twitch, this point will likely be your ultimate goal, and once you’re a Twitch Partner, you should consider yourself a relatively accomplished creator.

Here are the benefits of becoming a Twitch Partner:

  • Monetise your channel with subscriptions, bits, and ad revenue.
  • Unlock more channel emotes (up to 50).
  • Customise your channel with chat badges and emotes.
  • Give up to three free lifetime subscriptions to whoever you please, based on the size of your following.
  • Store VOD content for 60 days instead of the 14 days permitted for Twitch Affiliate.
  • Secure Partner-only bonuses and exclusives such as priority support, the creation of Twitch Teams, special event access, higher quality streams, and a broadcast delay for competitive gaming.

Furthermore, certain brands and companies will only consider issuing a sponsorship if you’ve secured the Twitch Partner achievement. For the most part, learning how to make money from streaming on Twitch begins with becoming a Twitch Affiliate, but making the most money on the platform is achieved when you become a Twitch Partner.

Are There Disadvantages To Being Twitch Partner?

So, you want to learn how to become Twitch Partner but you’re not sure if there are any downsides to doing so. Unfortunately, there are, as not everything is perfect, and there are some hurdles to overcome when you become a Twitch Partner.

Firstly, when a streamer becomes a Twitch Partner, they will unlock platform-driven ad incentives, which promise them money for running ads. Now, while the money can often be quite attractive, it’s very disruptive to your stream and can put off a lot of your viewers from hanging around. Typically, Twitch will ask its Partners to run ‘x’ amount of ads per ‘x’ hours of streaming, and the more money offered up, the more disruptive the ads.

Of course, this can be used to drive up subscription rates, as paid, subscribed followers will skip ads as a part of their membership benefits.

There’s also something of an issue with the revenue split that Twitch offers. While Twitch does provide the infrastructure possible to enable you to become a streamer, it takes 50% of your earnings on the site. This is true whether you’re an Affiliate or a Partner, and for some, it’s too steep a price to pay. By comparison, YouTube offers a 70/30 split in favour of the content creator, which is why a lot of streamers started learning how to stream on YouTube.

Twitch Partner Lounge

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How to Become Twitch Partner

Once you’ve locked down a top-tier guide to streaming, put together your streaming setup, and started building a community, you’ll want to learn how to become Twitch partner. That’s where this portion of the guide comes into play. This is what you need to do to become a Twitch Partner:

1. Fulfil the Path to Partner criteria:

  • Stream for 25 hours out of the last 30 days
  • Stream on 12 days out of the last 30 days
  • Average 75 viewers out of the last 30 days
    (Viewers are not counted if they come from suggested, raids, or embeds)

2. Once you’ve completed the Path to Partner achievement, you can fill out an application form to become a Twitch Partner.

3. Sit back and wait for the application to be reviewed by the Twitch Partner team.

4. Within 7 business days, you’ll have your answer, and if you’re not successful, you can always try again later – there are no limits to the number of applications you can submit.

That’s how to become Twitch Partner, but it’s admittedly a very basic breakdown. Before you reach this point, you’ll have needed to build up a network and a community, ensuring that you remained in good standing with the platform. If you receive any DMCA strikes, warnings, or temporary bans, then your chances of being granted the role of Twitch Partner become very slim. At worst, you’ll trip up on the rules in such a serious way that you become one of the many banned Twitch streamers.

How to Get Twitch Partner Fast

If you want to become a Twitch Partner quickly, you’ll need to work very, very hard. That means building the best streaming setup, being good at the games that you play, engaging constantly with your community, and diversifying what it is that you offer. There are records in place set by streamers that have secured Twitch Partner status within a two-month window, but they’re exceptional cases that are dramatically few and far between.

Typically, you’ll need to allow for several months – or even years – to go by before you reach Twitch Partner. It’s a tough journey that’s impacted quite heavily by the fact that streaming is so oversaturated now. However, if you can remain somewhat original, and likeable, and show skill as a content creator, there’s no reason why you can’t make it.

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