You’ve finally built your streaming setup, your stream has started popping in numbers, and now it’s time for the next step, getting verified on Twitch. This is one of the many steps in knowing how to start streaming, and most newbie streamers have found it hard to pass this level. They have the numbers, but they struggle to get that Twitch verification. Fortunately, this guide will show you, in full, how to get verified on Twitch.

how to get verified on twitch

What is a Twitch Verification

twitch-verified-badgeThough you get a similar Twitch Verification badge, a Twitch Verification is very different from other social media platforms like Twitter. This unique system began on Twitch in 2017, and the platform offers a ton of benefits when you end up getting verified, including helping you grow on Twitch. By having this badge, viewers will know that Twitch has considered your content watchable, and this can help you gain a ton of new viewers to your channel.

As a streamer looking to get verified on Twitch, you will have to be a Twitch partner. This means Twitch and you will work hand-in-hand to grow your page. There are also a few prerequisites you will have to attain in order to get a partnership on Twitch. These prerequisites are no secret and are well-known across the Internet, and understanding them is the first step in getting verified and pushing your stream to become one of the most viewed streams on Twitch.

The Criteria for Getting a Twitch Verification

When it comes to being verified on Twitch and becoming a Twitch partner, there are exceptions for getting verified. Nevertheless, it is only given on the basis of reason. If you are a celebrity handling multiple businesses, you will be given the opportunity to become a partner when you make a proper case. However, the average Twitch Streamer isn’t a celebrity like Snoop Dogg or Soulja boy, so here are the criteria you have to pass in order to get verified on Twitch and start making money from streaming.

  • Stream for at least 25 hours throughout 30 days

You must be active or stream on Twitch for 25 hours over 30 days. This is not a daunting task as you can take it slow and stream two to three hours a day and reach this mark. Once you know how to start streaming, you’ll be able to accomplish this.

  • Stream on 12 separate days throughout 30 days

You have to stream on 12 different days throughout 30 days. You might have likely crossed this threshold already because of how easy it is to accomplish. You can also clear out a month so you can pass these criteria.

  • Hold an average of 75 concurrent viewers Over 30 days

Now it gets a bit hard. You will have to rally your viewers and community to keep this streak. If you are already established, this should be a breeze for you.

  • Apply for the program and get admitted

After doing all that, you can apply to the program.

What happens After You Get Verified on Twitch?

A verified badge will be added to your name, showing that Twitch recognizes you as a content creator, and you will be promoted to fans that watch content like yours. As a verified Twitch partner, you will also be able to become a Twitch Affiliate, where you can make money from affiliate links placed on your page.


Building your community and polishing your content should be a top priority so you can reach the criteria for becoming verified on Twitch. By doing all of this, you will be able to reach more viewers and grow bigger. So, that’s our guide on how to get verified on Twitch.

FAQs on Getting Verified on Twitch

How many followers do you need to be verified on Twitch?

Having 50 followers and an average count of three can help you in being verified on Twitch, although going for more is advisable to make your application successful.

Can I earn money before I become verified on Twitch?

Not really. All you need are 50 followers, and you should be able to earn income from donations. However, you’ll be missing out on Twitch Affiliate and partnership benefits by not striving for verification.