On Twitch, there are few categories more popular or successful than ‘Just Chatting’. It’s a freewheeling, do-whatever-you-like category that has given rise to many bizarre and kooky channels in the past. Today, some of the biggest streamers in the world almost never leave Just Chatting, and in that category, they grow incredibly fast as creators. Today, we’re plotting out some of the best Just Chatting stream ideas for you, to boost your content and grow on Twitch.

If you want to become a Just Chatting streamer, there are a few things that you’ll ideally need to do. From building an appropriate streaming setup to gaining confidence on camera, becoming a Just Chatting streamer is a tough path, if only because it’s such an oversaturated category. There’s an intense amount of competition standing firm ahead of you, so it’ll pay to read this guide and go off hand-in-hand with some great Just Chatting stream ideas.

just chatting stream ideas

Why Are Just Chatting Streams Successful?

It may seem bizarre that Just Chatting streamers are successful, but it’s true – they truly are. In recent years, Just Chatting creators have blown up, amassing millions of followers and gaining rockstar personalities that have opened the doors to millions of dollars in income. It’s an attractive prospect for those looking to learn how to become a streamer, even if it is a rocky road to follow.

To put it simply, Just Chatting streamers are popular because of what they offer. When you’re watching a Just Chatting streamer, it can feel like you’re sitting there with them, engaging them in conversation and seeing them in their most entertaining state. If they directly connect with the viewers in their chat, it can be exciting for those that have their messages responded to. Most Just Chatting streamers have special guests or host exciting events to further boost their games.

With Just Chatting, the sky is the limit, and most creators are only bound by their… Well, their creativity.

Best Just Chatting Stream Ideas

If you want to learn how to grow on Twitch as a Just Chatting streamer, here are some of the best ideas for your content.

Literally, Just Chat

Okay, so maybe you’ll need a topic to liven things up a bit, but it’s a good idea to live out the category and just sit there, talking to your chat. That’s a direct level of engagement that’ll be appreciated by your viewers, and while you might not become one of the most subbed Twitch streamers overnight, it may lead to steady, consistent growth. If you’re naturally a strong conversationalist, then you’ll have no problem delivering on this Just Chatting stream idea.

Browse the Internet

Bizarrely, some viewers love watching Just Chatting streamers simply going about their day, broadcasting their online activities. It’s a dangerous path as you could reveal some personal information unwittingly, but some streamers will literally online shop, watch videos, or use social media whilst broadcasting everything they do to their viewers. It’s something that might seem quite mundane, but for some reason, it manages to be entertaining.

React to Videos

From political news to compilations of memes, many Just Chatting streamers get by with reaction-based content. It’s what it sounds like – they’ll stream themselves watching and reacting to content online, effectively recycling that content to boost their own engagement. Typically, many streamers will perform ‘you-laugh-you-lose’ challenges, watching meme compilations and trying to not laugh out loud.

Do Something Skillful

If you have a particular talent or a hobby that you’re quite good at, then you can showcase it in a Just Chatting stream. It’s something that your viewers will appreciate, and it doesn’t necessarily matter what it is, so long as you’re good at it – or getting good at it. There are plenty of top music streamers out there or artists that make use of the Just Chatting category to gain exposure from a wider community than they’d find in their own niche.

Get Fit While Streaming

There are many Just Chatting streamers who will use the category to showcase their strength or stamina. Typically, thousands of gym users will go live on Twitch every day, regardless of whether they’re in a public or a home gym, and they’ll simply broadcast their workout. It’s a more popular concept among skilled gym users – such as bodybuilders – and it’s a source of inspiration for viewers on their own fitness journey.

Start a Talk Show

We’ve mentioned that some Just Chatting streamers will have guests on the stream – that’s something that anybody can do. If you’re a good conversationalist, then consider having guests on to talk about topical issues or current affairs – or about a particular topic, like gaming or sports. It’s very close to hosting a podcast, but it’s still dramatically popular on Twitch. In fact, the majority of the world’s top Just Chatting streamers have made their way up the rankings by having celebrity guests on their streams.

Read a Book

Now, there are some concerns with this Just Chatting stream idea, as it can come a little close to overstepping Twitch’s copyright rules. So, make sure you seek advice before doing it – and check out the licensing laws. There are some streamers – particularly those with nice, calming voices – who find themselves reading books on stream. It’s an easy way to chill out and draw in viewers that want something much more laid back to watch.

With these Just Chatting stream ideas, we hope that you’ll be able to kickstart your career as a content creator on Twitch. Here at Esports.net, we’re dedicated to helping you grow as a creator, and that’s why we’ve compiled a lengthy list of top streaming tips guides for you to enjoy.

Best of luck with your broadcasts!