Music streamers are individuals or groups who stream live music performances or DJ sets on popular online platforms. Twitch is a shining example and here you can find the best music streamers, including solo artists playing their original music, DJs, and full-fledged live bands performing. These streams have become increasingly popular in recent years especially on Twitch as the platform has expanded and embraced a wider range of content.

The best music streamers provide a unique experience for music fans, as they can interact with fans in real-time through the chat feature. This creates a sense of community and connection with the musicians that is different from simply watching a music video or attending a live concert. Those who consider joining such channels can expect a more personal and intimate experience, as the musicians can share stories and insights about their music with the viewers.

best music streamers on twitch

Why Do People Stream Music on Twitch?

For musicians, the streams provide a new platform to reach and engage with fans. It allows them to perform live for a global audience, regardless of their physical location, and to monetize their performances through Twitch’s built-in features for receiving tips and subscriptions from viewers. They can also help musicians build their brand and gain new fans, as their streams can be shared and viewed by a large and growing audience on the platform.

In recent years, Twitch has also embraced the music streaming genre by launching Twitch Sings, a karaoke-style game that allows users to sing along to their favourite songs with live or recorded music. Twitch Sings has become a popular game on the platform and has provided a new avenue for musicians to showcase their music and reach new audiences.

If you’re a talented singer learning how to become a Twitch streamer, there’s a market out there for you.

Top 10 Best Music Streamers

People quickly catch on to the latest trends and jump on the bandwagon when they feel that there is an opportunity to make a profit. That’s why there are plenty of music streamers out there and you can be overwhelmed by all this diversity. To help you narrow down the search, you can consider these top 10 best music streamers, which cover all the popular genres. You will find everything from dance music to hip-hop and listen to high-quality live performances, while enjoying their engaging personalities, and interacting with large and dedicated fanbases.

If you’re trying to learn how to become a Twitch Partner, you can watch these top streamers for tips.


One of the hottest music streamers on Twitch, has enjoyed tremendous success in 2022 and jumped to the top of the standings. When it comes to high-energy sets and innovative use of technology, the channel checks all the important boxes. People who don’t have the patience for creating their own sense and don’t like the idea of choosing random ones from YouTube has a good option right here. The streams are free and available 24/7, so the action never ends.


© LeekBeats


Sometimes going for the bigger player in the industry makes perfect sense and Amazon is a juggernaut. When it comes to music, it doesn’t fall too far behind and the official Twitch channel is one of the largest music streaming services in the world. Here, they regularly stream live performances from top artists, DJ sets, and other music-related content. This channel provides a rare opportunity for fans to see their favourite musicians perform live and interact with them through the Twitch chat.


© AmazonMusic


This talented streamer is specialized in live electronic music performances and DJ sets. She has gained a dedicated following on the platform for her dynamic and energetic sets, which incorporate a wide range of genres and styles. Sintica is known for her ability to engage and interact with her audience, creating a lively and immersive experience for viewers. In addition to her live performances, Sintica also streams creative processes, music production tutorials, and other behind-the-scenes content that provides insight into her artistry.


© Sintica


If you are searching for the best music streamers, you should consider Kubo and its channel providing DMCA-free music. Any content creator can use it for free and this 24/7 radio stream plays a wide assortment of songs released by the owner. The only requirement is not to simply re-stream just for the music, as this would defeat the purpose of Kubo showcasing his songs. The humans are amazing and create an exceptional atmosphere that anyone can enjoy.


© Kubomusic


One of the most prolific and likeable personalities in this line of work, yejuniverse with a channel showcasing her finest songs. The American Korean artist has exceptional taste in music and she is willing to share it with anyone who appreciates quality. She also takes the time to talk to the audience and these interactions are just as satisfying as listening to the songs. Her unique approach to music, as well as the songs, make her one of the best music streamers online.


© Yejuniverse


The independent record label behind this channel is an excellent choice for people who want to experience a mix of popular genres. You will find everything from instrumental guitar music to new-age songs and the stream is a source of endless joy for music lovers. If you’re a fan of the genre, or simply looking for something different and exciting, you should check it out. The community is also amazing, so talking with fellow music lovers is inspiring.


© Sixtysevenradio


Monstercat is a popular Twitch music streamer and record label that specializes in electronic dance music (EDM). They regularly stream live performances and DJ sets from top artists in the EDM genre, as well as other music-related content. Monstercat is known for its innovative approach to music and its commitment to supporting emerging artists in the EDM community. They have built a dedicated fanbase on Twitch for their high-quality music content and engaging events. If you are a fan of EDM or are looking for a dynamic and entertaining streaming experience, Monstercat is a great Twitch music streamer to check out.


© Monstercat


One of the most underrated music streamers, but also an immensely gifted artist on Twitch, Sannihalla has a charming personality. She sings a lot of sad songs but laughs a lot, so the moment you access the channel, you are bound for an emotional ride. She is known for her engaging and cheerful approach, although the music itself is profound and inspiring. Anyone who appreciates engaging songs and an overall entertaining streaming experience should check out this artist.


© Sannihalla


When searching for the best music streamers, there is a good chance to stumble upon this channel, and for good reason. Nicola is the name of the artist, a talented 27 years old who has her own channel and started streaming back in 2018. The German DJ from Westfalia is almost always available and her high level of activity is only surpassed by the energy of the stream. If your favourite music is techno, house, or hardstyle, you will have a great time listening to her songs.


© Colaway


Some names speak for themselves and when you are looking for the best music streamers, you will be inclined to go with this one. Rolling Stone is hosted by Tia Hill and Jon Weigell and they have to offer much more than great songs and the latest SKUs. You will find interviews with guests, live performances, as well as extensive coverage of some of the biggest stories in pop culture. Music lovers are invited to hop on any time and get involved in spirited conversations that are guaranteed to make their day better.


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