It doesn’t matter that Grand Theft Auto V launched way back in 2013, it remains one of the most popular games in the world even today. It’s a hugely dominating game on Twitch, but that’s almost entirely thanks to the GTA RP community. Every day, tens of thousands of people still tune in to watch GTA streams on Twitch and YouTube, and it’s one of the most diverse, dynamic circles in gaming. Today, we’re taking a look at the top ten most watched GTA streamers, breaking down the ultimate list.

There’s such a high level of accessibility in GTA RP that even the biggest and most impactful streamers in the world regularly find themselves playing it. At the highest level, GTA RP can be deeply (almost disturbingly) immersive, with players being bound only by the limits of their imagination, in some cases. As it’s powered by mods and imported or manipulated assets, the GTA RP ecosystem is built to mimic real life as close as possible, in some cases.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten most-watched GTA streamers.

most watched gta streamers

Who Are The Most Watched GTA Streamers?

Given that these streamers have grown so fast while broadcasting GTA RP, one of our top streaming tips might be to give the game a try yourself.


xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Earth, boasting 11.5 million Twitch followers at the time of writing this list. In 2022, xQc racked up tens of millions of viewership hours while streaming GTA V, and he helped to popularise GTA RP in general. His content was nigh-unmatched, and his hilarious hijinks in GTA RP were appreciated by hundreds of thousands of viewers over the course of several months.

xqc gta streamer

© xQc


In December 2022, summit1g sat at the top of the table consisting of the most watched GTA streamers. In a single month, he racked up almost seven million viewership hours, and with 6.2 million followers on Twitch, he’s well-placed to be branded as one of the most popular GTA RP streamers in the world. Like xQc, summit1g is a varied streamer, so he plays other games besides just GTA V, but it’s the RP side of that ecosystem that has done so well for him in 2022.


© summit1g


PaulinhoLOKO is a Brazilian streamer on a path to content creation stardom. Towards the end of 2022, PaulinhoLOKO started blowing up, pulling in tens of thousands of viewers with ease and streaming some of the most entertaining GTA RP gameplay in the business. At the time of writing and in the last thirty days, PaulinhoLOKO has secured more than 200,000 followers and reached a peak viewership of 91,784 users while streaming GTA V.


© PaulinhoLOKObr


Like PaulinhoLOKO, LuquEt4 underwent a dramatic explosion in popularity during 2022, driven majorly by his adventures in GTA RP. Between December 2022 and January 2023, LuquEt4, a streamer from Peru, secured more than 100,000 new followers and just over 2.2 million hours of viewership while playing GTA V. Not only does LuquEt4 stream himself playing the game, but often, he’ll stream other streamers’ streams – if that makes sense!


© LuquEt4


KaiCenat might be one of the most watched GTA streamers, but that’s likely only because he’s one of the most subbed Twitch streamers in the world. In 2022, Kai saw a massive boom on the platform, securing tens of thousands of subscriptions in a relatively short period of time. Primarily, he’s a Just Chatting streamer, but he does play games on stream too, and one of his main titles is GTA V. In 2022, he reached a peak of almost 78,000 viewers while playing the game.


© KaiCenat


PENTA is an American streamer with a love for GTA RP. He’s one of the smallest creators on this list by overall following, but he’s one of the most watched GTA streamers by far. At the time of writing this list, PENTA had secured more than 1.2 million viewership hours, growing slowly and steadily and broadcasting top-tier GTA V content to an engaged, loyal audience. With just 350,000 followers, PENTA has a lot of growing to do, but with his GTA RP content popping off, that growth should come quickly.




Coringa is one of the most popular Brazilian streamers, signed to the esports organisation, LOUD, and a firm advocate for the fun that can be had in GTA RP. He’s a hugely entertaining and charismatic streamer with almost four million followers on the platform, and towards the end of 2022, he absolutely flew up the charts made up of the most watched GTA streamers. With a peak viewership count of 77,685 users, while streaming GTA RP in December 2022, he’s certainly up there in the rankings.


© loud_coringa


Agent00 is a popular North American creator who easily breaks into the list of the most watched GTA streamers. At the time of writing this list, he was the number one streamer live on GTA V, pulling in a viewership count of more than 10,000. He experienced massive growth during 2022 while streaming GTA, and he started out in 2023 as one of the most popular creators in the game. With just 500,000 followers overall, Agent00 is expected to grow so much more during 2023.


© Agent00


Fanum is a GTA-focused Twitch Partner, famed for his entertaining RP streams. He’s certainly a creator to keep an eye on, as within the space of just thirty days (at the time of writing), he’d secured more than 55,000 new followers, racking up almost 1.1 million viewership hours on the platform. He’s quite a volatile streamer, though – he can go live for ten hours or twenty minutes, or anything in between.


© Fanum


Wolfebelle is the smallest streamer to make this list, but she’s still a massively popular creator and a talented GTA RP streamer. As of January 2023, Wolfabelle had secured 291,000 followers, around 85,000 of which had hit the follow button while she streamed GTA RP. She has played live on stream with some of the biggest names in the GTA V creation community, and she maintains thousands of viewers when she goes live on the game.


© Wolfabelle

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