You often find out your favourite Twitch streamer has been banned without any explanation. Sometimes, it could be drama in the community, and other times because they forgot what’s on the Twitch banned words list and slipped up, saying the wrong thing.

As a new content creator, you must educate yourself on the platform if you want to grow your stream on Twitch. There are specific words in Twitch’s banned word list that you might not know, and knowing these words will prevent you from making a mistake down the line. This article will discuss the words that Twitch has banned, the reasons why, and give you tips on how to avoid them.

twitch banned words list

Why Does Twitch have a Banned Words List?

Twitch is a platform for millions of viewers and streamers who post content daily. This could be video content or chat that can affect Twitch’s overall brand. This is why the site came up with ‘Terms of Service’ to combat the unpredictability of the internet. These Terms of Service are an important part of our guide to streaming on Twitch, as they are specific rules that anyone on the platform must go by. By breaking a clause on Twitch’s terms of service, you are liable to any punishment speculated on their agreement.

In this Terms of service or TOS, as they call it, some specific words or sentences are not allowed on Twitch. These words can be categorized as harmful, derogatory, or hateful and will break the TOS. The developers are also constantly updating Twitch’s banned word list, so it is crucial for you to stay updated on the list of words banned by Twitch every year.

There are also exceptions, like swear words, but they are allowed with moderation.

A Breakdown of the Twitch Banned Words List

Abusing inappropriate words is one of the easiest ways someone can be banned on Twitch. There are a lot of words not allowed on Twitch, and some of the words said or typed might risk a warning, while others can result in a permanent ban from the platform. There are also global words that are allowed in any part of Twitch. Knowing these differences can help you avoid negative encounters and keep in line with Twitch’s Terms of Service.

Twitch’s Global Banned word list

These words were specifically announced by Twitch to choke down its influence on the platform. It would be best if you did not say any of these words, or you might risk a heavy punishment in return.

  • Simp
  • Incel
  • Virgin

These words are officially stated, with Twitch emphasizing banning anyone that uses them.

Discriminatory words

These words have not been announced by Twitch but are generally accepted on the internet as banned or words that cause harm to a certain group or race. These words should not be taken lightly and can lead to a permanent ban if used. They include words that are harmful to any race, sex, gender, or disability.

Words or phrases in the mentioned categories will undoubtedly get you banned on Twitch.

Harassment or words that lead to violence or imply violence

Harassment in this context includes any language that implies violence against the creators or viewers. This could be anything from a simple word to a sentence. Twitch has a hidden word list that if said, automatically bans you from the site. Sentences that promote harm or violence, like “You should kill yourself,” or You are an annoying slut” can have you permanently banned.

There are already countless banned Twitch streamers, and this is something you want to avoid if you are to grow as a streamer. Words used to tease or torture a streamer repeatedly are also banned and can put you or your viewers in trouble if used.

Specific words you cannot say on Twitch

Just because Twitch has a hidden list does not mean you are in the safe. There are specific criteria that can still get you banned if you use a sentence, depending on context and other factors.

  • Words that discriminate on ethnicity or race
  • Words that mock or discriminate religious beliefs (or lack of beliefs)
  • Words that discriminate or are prejudiced against sex, gender, alignment, identity, etc.
  • Speech mocking medical disabilities whether directly or generally
  • Words Inciting violence
  • Threats of violence
  • Doxxing

How Twitch Streamers can Avoid Getting Banned

As a Streamer on Twitch, you need to avoid harmful words on Twitch’s banned word list spoken in your chat or circling in your community. Not only will you be liable for your viewer’s actions if it gets reported, but you could also get banned or your twitch partnership revoked.

You can create and add a list of banned words by searching Wikipedia and Google for the latest banned words on Twitch or harmful words online. Adding moderators to your chat can also be helpful as you can inform your moderators to be more strict when judging these situations.

How to Add Banned Words to Your Twitch Channel

To prevent harm and harassment from festering in your community, creating a custom list of banned words for your account should be a top priority. Luckily, there is a fast way to set up restrictions and keep your chat clean using Twitch’s Automod.

First, you need to turn Automod on:

  • Click on your profile picture
  • Head to the creator dashboard
  • Click on settings
  • Choose moderation
  • Turn on AutoMod (if it’s not on)

Next, you have to configure your Automod by inputting the words you want to ban, and you’re done. This should reduce your moderator’s workload and keep the chat clean.

automod twitch


FAQs About the Twitch Banned Words List

What happens if you say a banned word on Twitch?

You can get banned or removed from the platform. This is due to context and the gravity of what you did. It is in your best interest as a viewer or a streamer to avoid saying or typing banned words.

Does Twitch give warnings for banned words?

Yes, Twitch warns first-time offenders by sending an email to them. This is still not a good thing, as you can get permanently banned if you say the word again within a short time. It’s best not to type or say a banned word in general.