Twitch is a strict platform when it comes to community guidelines, and streamers can pick up a ban or a suspension for what may seem like a small infraction. There are many rules to follow on the Twitch platform, some of which might not be immediately obvious – particularly to newer creators. If you’ve been hunting for a list of banned Twitch streamers, then look no further, as we’ve taken the time to compile a breakdown of the most prolific people banned from Twitch.

From abusive behaviour to failing to moderate their chat, and from ‘doxxing’ to lewd behaviour, creators find themselves banned for any number of things. Throughout history, some of these infractions and slip-ups have been severe enough to warrant a permanent, irreversible ban, while some creators simply pick up temporary suspensions. If you’re worried about breaking the rules yourself, then read on – we’ve also covered some top streaming tips for new Twitch creators.

banned twitch streamers

Why Are People Banned From Twitch?

To put it simply, Twitch is a public platform hosting content consumed by tens of millions of people – it stands to reason that it must come equipped with quite a lot of rules. There are rules regarding nudity, on-stream behaviour, exclusivity clauses, alcoholic consumption, and gambling – and many more, besides. It’s an effort to keep the platform relatively clean, responsible, and legitimate, and for the most part, the Twitch team does quite a good job.

It does mean that there are countless reasons why a user could find themselves picking up a ban or a suspension on the platform. Here are a few examples of why banned Twitch streamers could potentially end up that way:

  • Encouraging a community to harass another streamer
  • Sexual or lewd behaviour on-stream, even something as ‘innocent’ as dry humping a chair (yes, it has happened)
  • Excessive (dangerous) alcohol consumption
  • Leaking unreleased, embargoed, or protected content (Twitch leaks are too common a thing in the gaming industry)

There are plenty of ‘common sense’ rules, too. For example, if you’re a bully, a racist, sexually abusive, violent, or if you incite malicious behaviour, you’re going to get banned, it’s as simple as that.

How To Report People On Twitch

While Twitch has bots that monitor streams, particularly for those using copyrighted audio, for example, nothing can beat an organic report. At any point, you can report a streamer’s channel, content, or chat, letting Twitch know that they’re doing something wrong and perhaps spurring them into action. It all begins with the ‘report menu’ found in the same place on every stream:

banned twitch streamers

Note: we didn’t report this popular Escape From Tarkov streamer!

If you abuse the report function, then you could find yourself in hot water, so only report a channel when you truly believe the streamer has done something wrong. As you can see from the list in the image above, there’s an extensive list of things you can report a channel for, which gives you the ability to be as specific as possible. When you report them you’ll be invited to leave comments and timestamps, just to make Twitch’s job a little easier.

There are times when you won’t be sure if the rules have been broken. For instance, a list of the banned words on Twitch might exist, but you may not be aware of it. If you’re really unsure, then there’s no harm in reporting a channel just in case.

Apparently, Twitch reviews reports fairly quickly, but there are no updates provided, so you’ll never know if any action was actually taken. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from checking out the profile at a later date, finding out if they were banned by seeing if the channel even exists. In the best-case scenario, your report will have been successful and that creator will have wound up just another one of the banned Twitch streamers.

Most Prolific People Banned From Twitch

Here’s a quick breakdown of the biggest streamers banned from Twitch.

Dr Disrespect

In 2020, the most shocking ban occurred when Dr Disrespect, arguably the most recognisable streamer in the world, was banned from Twitch. At the time, Dr Disrespect was one of the most subbed Twitch streamers, infamous for his brash, overconfident personality and bright red bulletproof vest. Bizarrely, even more than two years later, it isn’t known why Dr Disrespect was banned – neither Twitch itself nor Dr Disrespect have ever opened up on the topic.

It was just months before the permanent ban was handed out that Dr Disrespect signed a multi-million-dollar streaming contract with Twitch, making the situation even stranger. Since then, Dr Disrespect has migrated to YouTube, and he’s one of the biggest streamers on that platform.

people banned from twitch

Dr Disrespect was famously banned on Twitch in 2020


Towards the end of 2021, IShowSpeed was permanently banned on Twitch following an outburst of aggressive and sexually explicit behaviour. It was a par for the course for Speed, who has continued to be a figure of controversy since relocating to YouTube, where he has secured more than fifteen million subscribers. As a scandalous figure, Speed revels in the attention gained from being loud, offensive, and intensely controversial.

He’ll never be allowed to return to Twitch, despite at times putting out some of the most viewed Twitch streams.


JiDion received a temporary ban for ‘extreme harassment’ following an incident where he reportedly directed his viewers at Pokimane’s stream, which resulted in a ‘toxic raid’ of her channel. Following his encouragement, JiDion’s viewers lashed out at Pokimane, and being seen as the orchestrator behind the incident, JiDion was first banned for fourteen days, then after a brief review, permanently.

As of 2023, JiDion hasn’t resurfaced on Twitch and likely never will.

People Banned From Twitch That Came Back

Not every banned Twitch streamer stays that way – some will eventually make a return. This can either be from expiry of the ban itself or through an appeal process that grants the streamer a chance to plead for their profile to be reinstated.


As the first ‘Twitch girl‘ to make our list, Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, having been at it for years. However, in 2022, she was banned from the platform for streaming a television show for all to see, which was classed as a severe copyright infringement, and a three-day ban was handed down. This super-short ban was seen as a ridiculous punishment by some other streamers on the platform, and it was seen as Twitch ‘being light’ on Pokimane.

pokimane banned twitch streamers

Pokimane was banned – not for long enough, some people thought


Kaceytron is also a controversial one. She picked up a ban following a comment where she explained how she would spread COVID-19 deliberately to rid the world of ‘old and poor people’. Needless to say, she was kicked off the platform but was later reinstated following an appeal.


With almost half a million followers, CinCinBear is a popular creator, but she picked up a lengthy ban for ‘repeatedly exposing her midriff’. She fought against several suspensions, with Twitch kicking her off the platform time and again for her openly-exposed midriff, which they categorised as ‘lingerie modelling’.


In 2022, Aydan, one of the most popular Warzone streamers, secured a seven-day ban for humping his gaming chair. It was a childish display at best, but it was considered lewd enough for Twitch to remove him from the platform – even if for a relatively short period of time.

If you decide to become a Twitch streamer in the future, make sure you’re following the rules so you don’t end up one of the banned Twitch streamers!

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