7 Days to Die Cheats – How To Use Them On PC And Console

With over 15 million copies sold, there is no doubt that 7 Days to Die is a rather popular game. Set in a post-apocalyptic environment overrun by the undead, the game uses a unique combination of FPS, tower defense, role-playing, and survival horror. It allows players to enjoy combat, looting, mining, crafting, exploration, and even character growth.

Considering that the world is enormous, there is a lot for you to explore. The environment is rich and allows you to play the game however you want. You can also craft and repair weapons, armor, tools, clothes, and vehicles and create interesting recopies. 7 Days to Die can be played alone, PVP, and co-op, depending on your preference.

However, if you really want to make the game fun, you should learn more about 7 Days to Die cheats. They can provide a unique experience that’ll make the game much more exciting. Of course, this all depends on each individual’s personal preference. Some players enjoy using cheats to make their games easier in order to finish 100% of what 7 Days to Die has to offer, while others just use it to add some spark to their experience. You have the opportunity to utilize these cheats however you want!


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How To Use 7 Days To Die Cheat Codes?

If you want to start using 7 Days To Die cheats, you should know that they work differently depending on whether you are playing on a console or PC. 7 Days to Die is a cross-platform game, but it can only be used between consoles. Thus, if you are playing on a PC, you can only play with other people on a PC. So, how can you actually use these cheats?

If you are on the console, you’ll need to open the console. But, if you are on PC, there is no universal key that will open the console on every keyboard. Usually, the F1 key will do the trick. If it doesn’t, you can try “, @, or F2; hopefully, one of those will work. This should open a new window box allowing you to input cheats.

As for PS and Xbox One players, you will not have access to these commands. You will instead have to enable Creative Mode on your gaming console. To do that, open an old save or start a new game, and find the Misc tab within the game options. Under that tab, there should be an option to enable Creative Mode, which allows you to spawn items within your base. Of course, to make your life easier, esports guides have listed all the 7 Days to Die cheats that you can test out to make your gameplay more fun.

A List Of 7 Days to Die Cheat Codes

  • debugmenu [on/off] – will toggle the Debug Mode on/off. This allows the debug menu (ESC), the God mode (G key), and other interesting options.
  • creativemenu – will disable or enable the Creative Menu.
  • giveselfskillxp [skill name] [amount] – The [skill name] needs to be properly capitalized and spaced; otherwise, it will not work. This cheat will increase the skill you specified by [amount] of experience.
  • giveselfxp [amount] – will increase the experience by [amount].
  • spawnairdrop – will spawn an airdrop.
  • spawnscouts – will spawn a full zombie horde which will include a couple of Screamers. The horde will be spawned in the distance and will navigate its way to the location where you used the command.
  • spawnsupplycrate – will spawn a supply crate above you.
  • spawnentity [player-id] [entity-id] – will spawn an entity that you can specify with its ID. It will be spawned at the location of the player according to the specified [player ID].
  • spawnwanderinghorde – will spawn a wandering zombie horde.
  • spawnscouts [steam id / player name / entity id] [x y z] – will spawn scouting zombies. If you want to spawn the zombies near you, then you should use the ‘spawnscouts’ command on its own. To spawn the zombies near another player, you should specify their steam ID, player name, or entity ID. You can also choose to specify X Y Z coordinates of the spawn.
  • spawnscreen – will spawn a screen effect, which blurs your screen and lowers its contrast.
  • H (key) – if the Creative Mode is enabled, you can press the H key on your keyboard. While flying, press Space to go up and C to come down. You will also be able to fly faster if you hold Shift. To disable this cheat, press H again. This cheat is only available for PC.
  • starve – will make you hungry.
  • thirsty – will make you thirsty.
  • exhausted – will make you exhausted.
  • settime [#] st – will set the current time in the game.
  • gettime – will tell you the current time in the game.
  • weather [weather setting] – will change the weather in the game to the weather you specify.
  • weathersurvival [‘on’ / ‘off’] – will enable or disable the weather for your game.
  • spectrum [spectrum id] – will change the game’s lighting spectrum.
  • showclouds [texture file name] – will set the clouds in the game to a specified texture.
  • repairchunkdensity [x z] [‘fix’] – will check for mismatches within the coordinates you specified. If you specify [fix] then it will attempt to repair any mismatches it found.
  • givequest [quest id] – will give you a quest of the ID you specified.
  • removequest [quest id] – will remove the quest of the ID you specified.
  • help [command] – if you type just ‘help’ it will list out all the commands available. You can specify the command as an argument, and it will give you more info on that argument.
  • saveworld – will force a save of your current world.
  • toggle_blood_off – will turn the blood off.
  • toggle_blood_on – will turn the blood on.
  • gameover go – will end the round or match in the deathmatch or horde mode.
  • killall – will kill everyone in the game (players, zombies, entities).

Whether you decide to use cheat codes or not is entirely up to you. But, one cannot deny that using cheat codes in some games can make your experience a lot more fun and exciting.

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