Best Age of Empires 4 Cheats for the Ultimate Victory

Age of Empires 4, the latest instalment in the popular real-time strategy series, has captivated fans with its immersive gameplay and challenging scenarios. For those seeking an added advantage, we’ve compiled a list of the most powerful Age of Empires 4 cheats and cheat codes to help you dominate the battlefield.

Before we delve into the Age of Empires 4 cheats, it’s important to understand the context and history of the game. The Age of Empires series provides players with cheat codes, dating back to Age of Empires 2 cheat codes. Surprisingly enough, cheat codes for Age of Empires 4 were not included at launch, which was disappointing for some players who enjoyed using them in previous games. Thankfully, the Season Three update introduced a variety of cheat codes, allowing players to gain advantages and enhance their gaming experience.

To better understand game mechanics and terminology, you may want to learn about the AOE meaning and how it applies to the Age of Empires series.

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How to Use Age of Empires 4 Cheats

To use cheat codes for Age of Empires 4, tick the “Cheats Allowed” box when creating your custom game. Most cheat codes can be used in custom games and skirmishes, while a few are also available in the campaign mode.

To activate the cheat code, open the chat window, input the desired code, and hit Enter. The effect will be applied instantly. Below is the list of Age of Empires 4 cheats available as of the game’s Season three update:

  • photon man: Spawns a Photon Man unit (Custom/Skirmish)
  • inna jiffy: Instantly build, research, and produce units (Custom/Skirmish)
  • full meal deal: Grants player food resources (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • i have an app idea: Grants player gold resources (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • take it for granite: Grants player stone resources (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • knock on wood: Grants player wood resources (Custom/Skirmish/Campaign)
  • smorgasbord: Grants player 100000 of all resources (Custom/Campaign)
  • i give up: Lose the game (Custom/Campaign)
  • it was known: Removes fog of war (Custom)
  • it is known: Reveals or hides map (Custom)
  • another round: Slows down simulation in mission (Campaign)
  • another cup: Enables turbo mode in mission (Campaign)
  • age me up scotty: Advance to the next age (Custom)
  • make it quick: Kills selected units and buildings (Custom)
  • anti-poke: Makes selected units and buildings invulnerable (Custom)
  • you monster: Kills all Gaia (Custom)
  • minimally minimal: Hides or shows UI (Custom/Campaign)
  • king size beds: Grants max population cap (Custom/Campaign)
  • at the core: Spawns one of each core unit (Custom/Campaign)
  • big bad sheep: Turns sheep into wolves (Custom/Campaign)
  • out with the new: Replaces AoE 4’s attack notification with AoE 2’s alarm (Custom/Campaign)
  • one of us: Converts selected units (Custom)
  • this is fine: Sets selected buildings on fire (Custom)
  • zeleport: Teleports player’s selected units to cursor (Custom)

One cheat was added with the season Season four update:

  • minimally minimal– hides all UI

Please note that using cheats may impact your ability to earn achievements, challenges, and masteries, so use them wisely.

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With the introduction of cheat codes in the Seasons Three and Four updates, Age of Empires 4 players can now enjoy an enhanced gaming experience by utilizing these powerful cheats. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the series, these cheat codes provide an exciting way to explore the rich history and engaging mechanics that have made the Age of Empires franchise a staple of the real-time strategy genre. Remember to use cheats responsibly and have fun conquering your foes! For more gaming guides and tips, don’t forget to check out our extensive collection of gaming guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

When were cheat codes introduced to Age of Empires 4?

The Season Three update introduced a variety of cheat codes, with an additional cheat added in the Season Four update.

Can using cheats affect my game progress and achievements?

Yes, using cheats may impact your ability to earn achievements, challenges, and masteries.