Is Ark Cross Platform? Your Guide to Ark Crossplay Gaming

Ark Survival Ascended is an all-new offering from Wildcard Studios, but it’s effectively a better version of 2015’s Ark Survival Evolved. For those looking to play with their friends ‘across borders’ using Ark crossplay mechanics, we have good news. Ark Survival Ascended is cross-platform but there are limitations to that fact. For instance, restrictions are blocking PC players from playing with console-based gamers, unless a rented, configured server has been put in place. If you’ve been wondering, ‘Is Ark cross-platform’, then read on – we’ve broken down the entire topic.


What is Ark Survival Ascended?

Ark Survival Ascended (2023) is the next-generation remaster of Ark Survival Evolved (2015). It’s effectively the same game as it ever was, but an all-new version that features boosted visuals, physics, and mechanics. It’s a step away from Survival Evolved in that the base map has been upgraded substantially and there is no connectivity between the two titles. While Ark Survival Evolved crossplay mechanics exist and so do cross-platform features for Ark Survival Ascended, the two cannot communicate with one another.

That means if you played Ark Survival Evolved for years and racked up a few hundred hours of playtime, it’ll all be lost when you jump into Ark Survival Ascended. For some, Ark Survival Evolved is still the better variant, as a lot of changes were made by Wildcard Studios that weren’t taken positively by the community. Regardless of that fact, Ark cross-platform functionality was kept in place for the release of the new title – with limitations, of course.

Is Ark Cross Platform?

Let’s break it down into two sub-topics:

  • Is Ark Survival Ascended cross platform? Yes, it’s a cross-platform title that allows easy connectivity between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but there are limitations connecting between PC and console versions of the game. If you want to play Ark cross platform between console and PC, you’ll need to rent a dedicated server.
  • Is Ark Survival Evolved cross platform? Yes, Ark crossplay mechanics still exist on Survival Evolved, even if it’s the ‘old’ game now. These features work as they always have, but they’re only available through dedicated, rented servers and private worlds.

Once upon a time, Ark was considered one of the best crossplay games on the market. Admittedly, too many changes and a rocky roadmap have damaged the series’ reputation, but it’s still popular enough – and there’s a full-fledged sequel on the way that stars Vin Diesel.

It’s worth stressing that Ark Survival Ascended cross play on  PS4 and Xbox One doesn’t exist because… Well, the game doesn’t exist on those platforms. It’s only available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Does Ark Have Cross-Save?

Ark Survival Ascended is a cross-save or cross-progression game, which means you can recover your progress regardless of your chosen platform. If you were to play on Xbox Series X|S and then relocate to a PlayStation 5 console, you’ll be able to recover your save and progress.


How to Play Ark Survival With Friends

If you’re on Ark Survival Evolved, you’ll be able to connect with your friends and play cross-platform using dedicated, rented servers. If you’re on Ark Survival Ascended, cross platform play is available between Xbox Series X|S and PS5 platforms – but PC crossplay is only available through rented servers. There’s a little network configuration needed on your private servers, but once that box is ticked, Ark cross platform mechanics will be made readily available for you to enjoy.

Why is Ark Crossplay Blocked?

Ark Survival Ascended ran into teething issues when it was released, which led Wildcard Studios to block cross platform on Ark between PC and console versions of the game. This was because PC-based players were using mods to cheat and ruin the experience for other gamers – particularly those on consoles. As a result, Ark cross platform mechanics were temporarily restricted – and at the time of writing, there’s no indication of when they’ll be opened up again.

It’s worth stressing that dedicated Ark servers are still crossplay – but they need to be rented.