Best FOV Setting in Warzone 2.0

When it comes to being a hardcore, professional Warzone 2.0 player, few things are more important than your settings. From having the right sensitivity to tweaking the audio options just right, everything is a key factor to the most capable Warzone competitor. If there’s one thing that players have debated since the moment Warzone 2.0 launched, it’s the field of view option. Today, we’re taking a look at the best FOV setting in Warzone 2.0, which should give you the ultimate edge.

For a long while, there was an eternal controversy over the fact that only PC players could change their FOV setting. This was one of the biggest bugbears for console players on the original Call of Duty Warzone platform. Since this all-new platform launched, even console players have had the ability to amend their Warzone 2.0 field of view, bringing them up to speed compared with the ‘elite’ PC gamers.

So, what is the best FOV setting for Warzone 2.0? Let’s find out.

How to Change FOV in Warzone 2.0

best fov settings in warzone 2

Firstly, let’s discuss (quite quickly) how to change your FOV in Warzone 2.0. It’s a relatively simple process that requires you to go into the graphics settings, then navigate to the ‘VIEW’ tab, and at the top, you’ll see the FIELD OF VIEW section. Then, identify the very first option in that list, which is, quite simply, ‘FIELD OF VIEW (FOV)’. This is where you can adjust the slider to tweak your FOV to the exact setting that you desire.

There are other options here, and they too are quite important when it comes to securing the best FOV for Warzone 2.0. For instance, ADS Field of View should be switched to ‘AFFECTED’ when running a high FOV, as it adjusts your ADS distance to accomodate for the ‘zoomed out’ effect. Furthermore, WEAPON FIELD OF VIEW should be set to ‘WIDE’, as this makes your weapon ‘look smaller’ on the screen, giving you the ability to simply see more.

Best FOV Settings for Warzone 2.0

Once upon a time, the standard FOV setting in a Call of Duty game was 60 FOV. It was a horrible time, but we didn’t know it, and once the FOV slider became the norm, we were treated to a whole new level of gaming. In Warzone, the FOV setting was cherished exclusively by PC gamers, until Warzone 2.0 was launched and it became a universal option. Now, every player offers up their two cents on which Field of View setting is best in Warzone 2.0.

For reference, here’s a comparison between 60 FOV, which is the minumum FOV in Warzone 2.0:


And then, 120 FOV (which is the maximum):


Now, there are a few key things to take away from those screenshots. As you can clearly see, there’s a dramatic difference between the two.

  • 60 FOV looks massively zoomed in, which might seem like an advantage, but your peripheral advantage is absolutely destroyed.
  • At 120 FOV, you can see twice as much of the map, and your overall peripheral range is boosted immeasurably.
  • At 120 FOV, distant objects become tiny, and as a result, it’s harder to see long-range.
  • At 60 FOV, everything seems more compacted and much slower (when you experience it).

There are many that will claim that 120 FOV is nothing more than a placebo. It helps you feel as though you’re moving faster, turning faster, and it gives you a wider range of peripheral vision, but ultimately, if you’re a bad Warzone 2.0 player, it won’t make that much of a difference. There are also those that will claim that anything over 100 FOV impacts the aim assist in the game in a negative fashion, if you’re playing on controller.

That’s something echoed by some of the best Call of Duty players in the world, though. It hasn’t ever been technically proven, but for many of the best players around, the sweet spot is around 100 – 105 FOV. Personally, as a long-time Warzone player, I’ve never dropped below 100 FOV, and I genuinely feel as though I play better and move more fluidly with a FOV setting of 120.

Ultimately, the best FOV setting in Warzone 2.0 is subjective, but if you’ve got the option to turn it up, then you should. There’s no risk, though – if you don’t like 120 FOV, then turn it down; if you don’t like 60 FOV, then turn it up.

It’s up to you.

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