Best MP5 Warzone Loadout

Since the inception of Call of Duty Warzone in 2019, there has been 127 different weapons added to the roster. All giving the player many options on how they want to play. From competitive Warzone tournaments to social games with friends, each weapon has been tried and tested. From the large selection of weapons, there are very few that have been a stalwart in the entire franchise. Today we look at one of the most significant SMGs in CoD franchise history with our best MP5 Warzone loadout.

We understand that this is often overlooked, as its stats say it is middle of the road in nearly every department. However, with our build we focus on accuracy and explosive damage up close. In a game that sees most players pick Overkill, why not try this MP5 out with a Sniper combination.

Get Levelled Up

For this guide we will be choosing the MP5 associated with Black Ops Cold War. For our levelling up class we suggest perks such as Double Time, Point Man, and Combat Scout. For this short-range weapon, we can utilise great mobility, we can earn extra XP rewards and track enemies who we have tagged. Now you have the correct perks and selected the MP5, it is time to jump in. The recommended mode is Rebirth Island.


This will allow you to collect many contracts from the first drop. Ideally, supply runs are the easiest and quickest contract. If you have a team available, you can co-ordinate to complete more contracts in shorter time. If, however you feel confident, take your team and collect any type of bounty. With communication, you can stack these contracts which will help your cause.

As this is a Cold War weapon, you can also choose to play its multiplayer. If you choose this method, it may take more time, but Nuketown 24/7 will help you rank up sooner. As soon as you enter max rank, back out and assemble the loadout below.

Attachments and Perks

Muzzle: Agency Suppressor
Stock:Collapsed Stock
Under Barrel:Red Cell Foregrip
Magazine:STANAG 50 Round Drum
Rear Grip:Serpent Wrap
Class Perks:Double Time, Ghost, Combat Scout
Lethal:Throwing Knife
Tactical:Stun Grenade

How each Attachment and Perk works together

Firstly, the Agency Suppressor is one of, if not the best Muzzle choice in the game. The added range, control, and bullet velocity you can experience is great. The Under Barrel and Rear Grip additions will also add to those statistics. A Collapsed Stock will increase your mobility, and when paired with a larger magazine, you can last in fights that extra bit longer.

For this loadout your perks are essential to find success. Double Time will increase your sprint time, whilst Ghost will keep you off the radar, if you move. Combat Scout will also track foes you have tagged. It is possible for enemies to get away from the MP5 at times, so this perk will support you in hunting them down.

Finally, a Throwing Knife can finish a downed enemy instantly, which saves you ammunition. Additionally, your Stuns can give you the jump on any foes within proximity.

Recommended Playstyle

Due to the power of the MP5, we recommend playing up close to enemies. Being aggressive is the key to success. The recommended map, like other SMG’s is Rebirth. As always, a great starting point is Bioweapons or Security. From here you limit the flanking ability of foes, whilst you make your way to finding power positions in buildings. If you feel confident after grabbing a loadout, head to Prison, as you will find plenty of action there.

With everything included in our best MP5 Warzone loadout, why not get involved and have fun. If Rebirth isn’t for you, why not equip Overkill and match the MP5 with a Sniper for Caldera. This will then allow you to cover all distances. The most common combination in Warzone is Overkill, so you have a chance to pit your loadout against everyone else’s.