Best PPSH Warzone Loadout

Throughout the entirety of Call of Duty: Warzone, we have been treated to a large variety of weaponry. Each selection providing the player a different way to play, win and have fun. From those playing in Warzone tournaments, wagers and from a social perspective, it can be difficult to stay on top of what works and what does not. For this reason, we have created top loadouts for each weapon. From perks, equipment, and attachments, we have taken the time to find out what works best, so you don’t have to. For this guide we’ll be giving you our best PPSH Warzone loadout guide, to optimise one of the top SMGs to come out of Vanguard.

We found that this titles PPSH version has great base damage up close, with one of the highest fire rates in the SMG class. With these great attributes on its base version, we aimed to increase accuracy, reduce recoil, and turn this hire firing weapon into an unbeatable close-quarters demon.

Get Levelled Up

Levelling up may seem a daunting task, but to acquire all attachments it is something that must be done. To reach max level, you are required to reach level 70, but fortunately that can be done between 2-3 hours with our methods. Since this is a Vanguard weapon build, you can utilise the game’s multiplayer, or if you prefer Rebirth Island. Before you hop into a game, ensure double XP tokens are used.


If you choose Vanguard Multiplayer to level up, there is a lengthy double XP event which includes weapon levelling. Our advice would be to utilise Ship Haus 24/7 as this will allow you to rack up very quick levels with expending little effort. Since it is total chaos, equip Ghost, Radar and Lightweight, as you will be able to move quickly without being detected often. This can lead to many multi-eliminations which then reward even more XP.

If you choose Rebirth Island, it has its own double XP event courtesy of Operation Monarch. Firstly, equip perks Double Time, Ghost, and Combat Scout. These will increase movement speed, decrease your visibility on the map and highlight foes after damaging them. Now enter a game, preferably Solo and start running contracts. The aim is to stack contracts, as each completion will reward more bonus XP rewards.

This method can be done with teammates, but ensure you have a team that can work co-operatively as we want to avoid firefights. The best contracts to run are supply runs, but if you feel confident go for bounties. Once you have hit max level, exit and start to assemble the loadout.

Attachments and Perks

Muzzle:Recoil Booster
Barrel:Kovalevskaya 230MM B03P
Optic: Kovalevskaya IS03P
Stock:Removed Stock
Magazine:8MM Nambu 71 Round Mags
Under Barrel: Carver Foregrip
Rear Grip:Pine Tar Grip
Perk 1:Tight Grip
Perk 2:Quick
Class Perks:Double Time, High Alert, Combat Scout

How each Attachment and Perk works together

Our Muzzle and Barrel choices both provide significant fire rate increases and a greater hip fire accuracy. When aiming in, our Optic choice will allow for a wider sight range, whilst having no Stock will improve your mobility and ADS time. The Carver will improve recoil patterns making this PPSH easier to handle.

Magazine, Ammunition and Rear Grip choices will also improve recoil, ADS time and overall accuracy. Both weapon perks make this PPSH have the highest fire rate of all weapons currently in Warzone. Your class perks will allow you to move quickly, whilst having extra awareness of incoming foes. This build is not suited for duel’s medium to long range, so close-range fights are a must.

Recommended Playstyle

It is simple, we need a map that provides the most close-quarter areas, and that is Rebirth Island. With having a weapon that only excels up close, you can still have a great time if you are in the right positions. Ensure you relocate to positions based on circle movements quickly. A great starting point is Prison, but when the circle moves, try to avoid open spaces and moving late, as AR’s and other SMG’s can take you out.

It may sound daunting, but your perks will allow you to move fast. With having great hip fire, recoil and fire rate stats, get close to players as you will almost always come out on top. For us, our best PPSH Warzone loadout is unmatched when you can see the whites of their eyes.