Is Borderlands 3 Cross-platform? Our Borderlands 3 Crossplay Guide

Borderlands 3 is one of the most chaotic multiplayer games in some time, and so it’s little wonder that so many people are asking, ‘Is Borderlands 3 cross-platform?’ After all, cross-platform gaming is now a big thing and lots of games are starting to introduce this increasingly essential feature. 

So we’re prepared this handy guide that clearly explains what your crossplay and cross-progression options are when it comes to this first-person shooter. See below and see if you can play Borderlands 3 cross-platform!

is borderlands 3 cross platform

Defining what cross-platform and crossplay means

Before we answer the question of, ‘Is Borderlands 3 cross-platform?’, we need to clarify what we mean by this. Ultimately, cross-platform means that you can play the same game against someone else even if they are using a completely different gaming platform.

We’ve got a separate guide that explains the basic crossplay meaning here, but perhaps it would be helpful to explain what we mean with an example. 

So let’s take Sea of Thieves. This is a well-known cross-platform game meaning that the Sea of Thieves crossplay facilities let you play against people regardless of whether they are using a PC, XBox One and so on. OK, now that’s straight, let’s have a closer look at what your Borderlands 3 crossplay options are.

Is Borderlands 3 cross-platform?

Yes, it is! In fact, Borderlands 3 is actually one of the best crossplay games currently available. This means that you can play against friends regardless of whether they’re using an Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Mac or even Stadia. 

All of this is great news as Borderlands 3 didn’t originally feature any crossplay facilities when it was released back in 2019. However, the game’s developers, Gearbox, clearly listened to gamers and so plans were made to introduce crossplay gaming relatively recently.

borderlands 3 crossplay

Interestingly, it seems that Sony was against any kind of cross-platform gameplay, but thankfully the brand has relented. What’s best is that this has meant that cross-generational gameplay is now possible. As a result, you could be using a PS4 and play Borderlands 3 against a friend who is on a PS5, and the same is true of the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X|S. Now there’s no excuse not to get involved!

How to play Borderlands 3 cross-platform

Gearbox has clearly worked hard to make sure that the crossplay facilities of Borderlands 3 are as seamless as possible. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Get the latest Crossplay Update
  • Load up Borderlands 3 
  • Enable Crossplay via the opt-in window
  • Set a Crossplay Display Name 
  • From here the SHiFT Matchmaking functionality will be triggered
  • Enjoy the full crossplay potential of Borderlands 3

It really is that easy. What’s best is that you will even get the option to change your display name later on. You can do this on the separate account page on the SHiFT website or in the Borderlands 3 Social menu. If only all games developers were so considerate when they introduced their cross-platform gaming options!

how to play borderlands 3 cross platform

Is there any Borderlands 3 cross progression?

At the moment, it’s all looking pretty good. After all, you don’t have to ask, ‘What is cross-platform?’ anymore and you’ll know that Borderlands 3 has some great crossplay gaming options.

All of this makes it fairly annoying that Borderlands 3 doesn’t have any cross-progression facilities at the moment. That’s right, if you’re playing Borderlands 3 from a PlayStation and want to switch over to a PC, you’ll have to start completely from scratch.

While this is frustrating, we’re hoping that such limited cross-progression options aren’t always this way. After all, Gearbox has worked wonders introducing crossplay to this much-loved game and so we’re hoping that it’ll have cross-progression before too long. 

Your resource for Borderlands 3 crossplay gaming

We’re happy to have a positive answer to the question of, ‘Is Borderlands 3 cross-platform?’ This is because Borderlands 3 is an awesome game and everyone should have the chance to enjoy the chaos against others regardless of what platform they’re playing from.

The lack of cross-progression is a little disappointing, but we’re hoping that Gearbox is hard at work resolving this issue. So keep it here to make sure you find out the latest Borderlands 3 crossplay and cross-save features. We should mention that we do the same for other games, so if you ever wanted to know what your Pokemon Unite cross-platform options are, you know where to go!