Is Pokemon Unite Cross-Platform? Our Pokemon Unite Crossplay Guide

Welcome to our guide that conclusively answers the question, ‘Is Pokemon Unite cross-platform?’ once and for all. Plus, we’ll examine what your Pokemon Unite cross-progression options are. 

While it’s mostly good news, there are a few important things regarding using Aeos Gems to consider. So keep reading to learn all about Pokemon Unite cross-platform gameplay! 

is pokemon unite cross platform

What we mean by cross-platform gaming

To answer the question, ‘Is Pokemon Unite cross-platform?’, we need to define what we mean by cross-platform gaming. We’ve got a guide that gives a detailed answer to the question, ‘What is cross-platform?’ here, but for now it’s enough to know that cross-platform gaming means that you and friends can play the same game regardless of what console, computer or mobile you’re using.

The Borderlands 3 crossplay options provide a good example of this. Here, it doesn’t matter whether you’re using an Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Mac or even Stadia, as you and friends will get pretty much the same gaming experience. 

Crossplay gaming was pretty much unheard of not so long ago, but now it is an increasingly sought-after feature of all major game releases. So let’s see how this concept applies to Pokemon Unite. 

Is Pokemon Unite cross-platform?

Good news! You can play Pokemon Unite across all of the game’s available platforms. This means that you can play either via Nintendo Switch or iOS or Android mobile devices. 

As a result, you’ll get full access to the Pokemon Unite tier list and most aspects of the game, regardless of how you choose to play. So you could be playing against friends on Pokemon Unite on a Switch even though they are using an iOS smartphone, and vice versa. 

While Pokemon Unite was originally released just for the Switch, the mobile version of the game came just a couple of months later. Thankfully Nintendo understood the appeal of crossplay gaming and made sure that the game could work across platforms. All of this gives you a fun and flexible way to enjoy this awesome MOBA game!

How to enjoy Pokemon Unite crossplay

Like all of the best crossplay games, Pokemon Unite makes it refreshingly simple to enjoy the cross-platform gameplay. You don’t have to worry about having any kind of Nintendo Switch Online subscription. 

Instead you can just sign up for a Nintendo account or even sign up using your Pokemon Trainer Club account. Perfect for some seamless crossplay gaming!

What about Pokemon Unite cross progression

The above accounts also allow you to enjoy all of the Pokemon Unite cross-progression facilities. This means that all of your Pokemon Unite data will be carried across to your device regardless of what platform you are playing from.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep all of the progress made on the Pokemon Unite ranking system. So here you could be playing Pokemon Unite on an iPhone and then change over to play from a Switch without losing any of your data, items or currency. However, there is one aspect of cross-progression missing here. 

This is that you cannot transfer Aeos Gems between different platforms. Aeos Gems are the in-game currency you use on Pokemon Unite. As this is based on real money microtransactions, there are complex legal mechanisms stopping this from becoming available between platforms.

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All you need to know about Pokemon Unite crossplay

By now you won’t have to ask questions like, ‘Is Pokemon Unite cross-platform? anymore. After all, we’ve shown you that it’s easy to play across Switch and mobile platforms, and what’s best is that you can cross-save your games too.

It’s debatable as to whether Pokemon Unite will come to any other gaming platforms like PC. But if it does, we’ll be sure to update this crossplay guide accordingly. So keep it here to be the first to know about all of the Pokemon Unite cross-platform gaming options!