Cmonbruh Twitch Emote – Meaning and Usage

The cmonbruh emote is one of the Twitch 10 most popular emotes. A lot of Twitch emote meanings go back quite a while, like the KEKW emote or the Kappa emote. The cmonbruh doesn’t go back quite as far as those. The cmonbruh origin is really quite murky. The cmonbruh meaning is simple enough though. It gets its name from a regular saying and has a meaning that’s just about the same.

All you need to know about this particular Twitch meme is how to use cmonbruh properly.

Cmonbruh Twitch Emote - Meaning and Usage

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Cmonburh Emote Meaning

The comeonbruh meaning is pretty much just what it says, bruh’. This one is pretty simple! It is used when you want to express bafflement or confusion at what has been said or done. In Twitch, it generally means that the streamer isn’t making sense or is too dense to understand something.  You throw it out to indicate that they’ve just said something really stupid or strange, the cmonbruh emote is great for that.

In general, “come on bruh” is generally meant to mean that you’re confused about what the other person just said. Bruh is a way of spelling and pronouncing brother or bro. That’s pretty much all there is to the cmonbruh meaning, although it doesn’t have some more caveats on use.

Cmonbruh Emote Origin

The term Cmonbruh is pretty old. You’ll find a lot of sites claiming it’s from the mid-2010s, which anyone older than that knows isn’t true. It has been a common slang phrase for a while, and it is hard to pinpoint where it exactly it comes from.

Who is the Comeonbruh Emote?

The emote itself isn’t any clearer. The cmonbruh origin is essentially just that the face best represents the sentiments. There isn’t a clear story behind the cmonbruh origin as with other memes on Twitch. Where did the cmonbruh emote come from is a difficult question, it’s origin isn’t really clear. The person making the reaction is likely former/current Twitch staff that got to be immortalized in an emote similar to the Kappa emote.

When Should You Use Cmonbrush?

You should use Twitch Cmonbruh to express that what a streamer said is ridiculous. Often it is used when you think something that a streamer has said is stupid, even if they’re being totally sincere in what they say.

Twitch Cmeonbruh is a meme you should be a bit careful about too. Some people on Twitch use it in a different way. The picture has been used to indicate some hateful sentiments in the past. This means it is best thinking it through when you see this emote. While it can be used in its regular cmonbruh emote way, it can sometimes be used differently.

The cmonbruh emote is a more complicated than most. You can use it in its normal way, but it won’t always be read that way. A number of streamers have banned the emote from their own chat because of viewers using it in a more racially charged way. While it can often be used harmlessly, you need to keep this mind. Make sure that no one is going to interpret your use of the meme in the wrong way.

The comeonbruh emote This is more complicated than other memes like Press F to Pay Respects, or the Pepega emote, but it can still be used relatively harmlessly in the right situation.

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