What does ResidentSleeper mean – The Iconic emote of Boredom

Twitch emotes, there’s always one that resembles an expression that Twitch users can relate to. Whether it’s the KEKW emote that screams laughter or MonkaS emote that raises goosebumps. Scrolling down, discover one of the founding emotes in Twitch and what does ResidentSleeper mean.

Resident Sleeper

ResidentSleeper’s origins

The ResidentSleeper emote resembles a man’s face which appears to be sleeping in an awkwardly uncomfortable pose. Well, that’s exactly what happend to streamer Oddler once he attempted his 72-hour Resident Evil gaming marathon in late September 2012.

ResidentSleeper Meaning

© Oddler Twitch

Oddler certainly did well staying awake for 66 hours before his eyes let him down. He remained asleep, motionless in his iconic pose while his chat watched him sleep for an hour. While Oddler never really completed his 3-day ordeal, instead he immortalized his face as a living meme and Twitch emote.

Wholesomely, Oddler’s emote was voted by the Twitch community. It wasn’t a Twitch staff selecting it to be an official emote on the platform nor did Oddler himself submit the emote.

What does ResidentSleeper mean?

The ResidentSleeper emote depicts Oddler’s sleeping face. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Even from a mundane person’s perspective, one could tell that it means tiredness, sleep-deprived or boredom.

As the ResidentSleeper meaning suggests, it is commonly spammed when a streamer is boring. For instance, popular streamer, AdmiralBulldog, once played PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), but he played passively and mostly snaking around or hiding around corners. Eventually, his viewers spammed the ResidentSleeper emote along with messages asking him to play DOTA 2 instead.

How to use ResidentSleeper (and when not to)

While it’s usually harmless to use the ResidentSleeper emote in most cases, there are certain situations to be wary. One of those is AdmiralBulldog’s Twitch stream we just mentioned. After the emote became a staple at his stream, the streamer decided he’s had enough and banned the ResidentSleeper emote on his channel. One use of the emote could land you a hefty ban on his stream!

The emote was initially blacklisted in 2017 by AdmiralBulldog. This came immediately after his frustration on his chat, telling him they don’t enjoy watching the game he’s playing. Occasionally, the streamer would say the ResidentSleeper word to bait his viewers into typing it. Wise viewers who didn’t fall for the trick would type the JeBaited emote while victims are banned.

Apart from AdmiralBulldog’s stream, typing ResidentSleeper on any Twitch channel is harmless, especially when a streamer does boring activities. Although the ResidentSleeper emote is not as popular as the Pogchamp emote, Kappa emote or Pepega emote in 2020, its usage is not limited to Twitch. Use it in gaming forums or even a chat among gaming enthusiasts!

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