Pogchamp: who is pogchamp and what does it mean on Twitch?

It came out of nowhere, really, and is now all over YouTube, Twitch and even Twitter – anything to do with gaming really. What in the world is pogchamp or pog champ anyway?

The simple answer is that it’s a Twitch emote. Not just any old emote though, by now pogchamp is the fifth most popular one in the entire world. Rather than asking ‘what’ pogchamp is though, perhaps the more important question is ‘who’ it is.

Pogchamp emote

Who is pogchamp?

This emote is a quite exaggerated face of the fighting game streamer Gootecks. Real name Ryan Gutierrez, he pulled quite an impressive face in his video. The emote mimics his face during one particular episode of a show of his. This show – Counter Cross TV – has multiple episodes, but the one the emote hails from is from quite long ago – November 10th, 2010, to be precise.

A year later, in 2011, another video was released – a promo, called Pogs Championship. In this, he would win a game of Pogs by slamming a joystick onto the stack. Now, normally pogs is a game where paper circles (pogs) are stacked up and each player throws one pog (the slammer) onto the stack in order to get them to scatter. Whoever gets the most face-up pogs wins. Still, in the 2011 video, Gootecks was declared the ‘Pog Champion’.

Pogchampo Ryan Gutierrez

© Cross Counter TV

So what does pogchamp mean?

So much for etymology, but what does pogchamp actually mean? Despite having been around since 2012, pogchamp has really taken off recently. It’s used to express hype, extreme excitement or a reaction to something particularly unusual.

Gootecks himself seems okay with his stylised face being all over Twitch – he capitalised on the popularity of it and is selling merch with the emote on it. To be more precise, it’s a t-shirt with the image in an Andy Warhol style design on it. If that’s not being a good sport, we don’t know what is!

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Using pogchamp

By now, Gootecks’ face has made its way off Twitch as well – it’s a discord emoji too now, among other things, and a version of it can be uploaded to Slack as well. That’s great news for gamers everywhere – pogchamp is pretty much THE emote to use to express hype or excitement, no matter the platform it’s used on!

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