What does Jebaited mean – The origins and usage of the Jebaited emote

Jebaited is one of those die-hard memes that you keep seeing on Twich. It’s practically a graphic emoticon featuring Alex Jebailey and it’s used to describe the act of baiting an opponent in a video game. Since its inception the jebaited definition has somewhat evolved to encompass any situation when somebody gets baited into doing something. While still extremely popular on Twitch, it has also found its place in video complications of funny moments and fails.

What does Jebaited mean

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Jebaited emote origin

The jebaited emote first emerged out of the depths of the Internet in September, 2016.

On September 23rd, 2016, the copypasta “Now We Jebaited” was added to the Twitch Quotes database. Then, on October 16th, AdmiralBulldog (a Dota 2 player and streamer) posted a gameplay video titled “Bulldog Jebaited Aegis Steal”. Given the streamer’s popularity, it’s no wonder that this meme spread quickly throughout the community and remained famous to this day. It’s a nice and memorable way of describing a brilliant play in which you baited an opponent into making a mistake.

It was added to Twitch as a graphic emoticon featuring the person I just mentioned and it quickly gained traction, being promoted by users and streamers alike.

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What does jebaited mean

Baiting is the art of making an opponent do something, assuming there’s no real danger for him in doing that. Or even better, that he stands to gain something by acting that way. It is based on Sun Tzu’s principle of looking weak when you’re actually strong. This is one of the most common tactics used in esports also. In Dota 2 for instance, players will often use invisibility items or the fog of war to attract an enemy into a foolish action, by showing one team member or two and keeping the other hidden. When the bait is taken, the whole team (or group of heroes) reveals itself and wins the fight with superior numbers.

When the game features a scene in which one player or his entire team created a perfect trap for their opponents, the emoticon jebaited will usually be spammed in chat. The streamer will usually say the word himself: “jebaited!”

While the KEKW emote or the MonkaS emote are mostly confined to Twitch or Mixer, Jebaited has gone beyond. “You got jebaited” is used in various forms from in-video moments to Reddit Threads whenever an inkling of “baiting” or trolling is present.

The Jebaited meaning might soon shift to just replace the word baited in regular lingo, “Press F to pay Respects” has already achieved that status.

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