What does Pepega mean | Pepega meaning, usage and history

Twitch emotes can be sometimes confusing. You might be a casually watching a stream and suddenly notice the entire chat spamming the same emote. Before you even realize what just happened, the audiance has moved onto spamming something else. The Pepega meaning becomes a lot clearer when you actually see the Pepega Twitch emote. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out.

What does Pepega mean | Pepega meaning, usage and history

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Pepega Meaning

Pepega is an expression of suprise displayed by a modified image of Pepe the Frog. As you may know, this character has come to be associated with some bad things, but in the world of memes, communities don’t seem to care and Pepega is frequently used to express a sense of awe and surprise that draws your attention and glues you to the screen. However, the type of surprise expressed by Pepega has a mocking attitude to it. It’s a way of saying “look at this absolutely ridiculous stupid thing!”. Or, formulated as a question, it expresses the typical “wut?!” reaction.

Pepega Twitch Origin

Pepega EmotePepega was added to Twitch in 2018, after the emote was accidentally created in a casual Discord conversation. Initially, the reaction of the community wasn’t great, but in time the meme grew to be appreciated and used by large communities.

The Pepega emote sees a large frequency of usage in Twitch chats and /r/forsen on Reddit. One of the main accompanying lines when spamming Pepega is “FOOR SAAAN” in reference to Forsen. The amount of A’s and O’s reflect how much emotion one wants to convey.

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Pepega Emote Controversy

As part of the Pepega meaning, you should be aware of the following problem: because this emote is derived from Pepe the Frog and Pepe the Frog has come to be associated by some people with white supremacy, racism and anti-semitism, it is not recommended to use this meme outside of those circles where people actually understand memes and have an Internet sense of humor. Otherwise, you might be associated with negative things. Just do a research and see what happened to Jordan Peterson, the famous clinical psychologist, after a photo of him and some people holding a Pepe the Frog banner emerged several years ago.

To his surprise, some people really don’t get Internet culture and will do anything to discredit those they don’t like by associating them to questionable groups of people. If you don’t want to fall prey to this tactic, simply stay away from Pepega in public settings.

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