Is Call of Duty Vanguard Cross-Platform?

Call of Duty Vanguard launched in 2021 to a relatively underwhelmed, disappointed community. It was widely considered to be one of the worst Call of Duty launches in history, with a very small portion of COD fans actually being happy with the delivery of the game. Regardless of the negative launch, Vanguard boasted the classic multiplayer modes that Call of Duty fans felt familiar with, so it still sold quite well. Today, we’re looking closer at that multiplayer platform to answer the question, ‘is Call of Duty Vanguard cross-platform’?

By mid-2022, the Call of Duty Vanguard platform was starting to dwindle. As the Call of Duty League wrapped up, fewer players found themselves on Vanguard, and many of them were eagerly awaiting the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II. With that being said, there were (and are) still thousands of players on Call of Duty Vanguard, and there will be for some time to come. It’s a fact – not every player upgrades to the newest title immediately.

So, there’s still an audience out there asking the question, is Call of Duty Vanguard cross-platform?

Why Did Fans Not Like Vanguard?

is cod vaguard crossplay

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Call of Duty Vanguard felt relatively rushed, and when it was delivered, it was quite a buggy game overall. It was generally a disappointing experience for fans, as the launch weapons were unbalanced, maps were prone to issues, and the story was short and almost unnecessary. Furthermore, the Zombies mode featured in Vanguard wasn’t as well received as it was in previous titles, particularly in Cold War, for example.

There’s no doubt that the Vanguard player count began dropping from an early stage. In terms of social media, the game saw a sharp drop-off, and mere months after launch, almost no creators were streaming the game. It was partly saved by the launch of the Call of Duty League, and all of a sudden, players were once again wrapped up in trying to lock down the top Vanguard pro settings. But, as we’ve already explained, the players began abandoning the platform again as the CDL started to wrap up.

Ultimately, the COD Vanguard maps weren’t as good as they could have been, the weapons felt unbalanced at times, and most updates were underwhelming. It was difficult to really connect to the story, given that all the characters were brand new for the game, and it felt almost like a stop-gap between Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

Now, let’s break open the multiplayer platform a little further and find out if COD Vanguard crossplay options exist.

Is Call of Duty Vanguard Crossplay?

Yes, Call of Duty Vanguard crossplay options absolutely exist. In fact, modern Call of Duty titles have better crossplay and cross-progression mechanics than almost every other game on the market. Without a doubt, Call of Duty Vanguard is one of the best crossplay games out there. From the word go, players can link up with other gamers that are on completely different platforms from them. That means if your friend is on PC and you’re on PlayStation 5, you can still connect and play together.

call of duty vanguard crossplay

There are also cross-progression mechanics present in Vanguard. This means that you can use the same account across multiple platforms, recovering your progress as you move from format to format. If you buy Vanguard on PC, level up a few times and unlock a bunch of weapons, you can then recover your account on PlayStation or Xbox platforms and retain those unlocks. It’s a brilliant feature that allows players to seamlessly interconnect with all other platforms.

In case you’re wondering which Call of Duty games are cross-platform, there’s an easy way to work it out. In 2019, Modern Warfare emerged, and it was the first game to boast cross-platform mechanics. Since then, every Call of Duty title has been a cross-platform game. It’s that simple!

So, is Call of Duty Vanguard cross-platform?

Yes, it definitely is.