CSGO Anubis: Ultimate Smokes and Callouts Guide

We’ve compiled a list for CS:GO Anubis best smoke spots and callouts. Adding these to your arsenal, you’ll consistently become Anubis’ top-fragger. Many players don’t bother to learn advanced techniques, but they’re by far the best way to get better at CS:GO.

Anubis CSGO

After Anubis was first added to competitive play, players rushed to find the best strategies to gain advantages on the new map. We have a complete list of call outs that pros at all levels will use. Remember, at high levels, CS:GO is defined by great communication between teammates and utility use.

Anubis Callouts

Anubis callouts

Anubis callouts

This map tells you Anubis’ need-to-know callouts. CS:GO is ever-evolving, so these could change over time. Learning callouts takes more than looking at an image, though. The best way to learn is to simply play the map consistently, limiting time on other maps while you get to grips with callouts. Eventually,  hearing them and knowing exactly how to adjust your position in response becomes muscle-memory, as it is for many of the top CS:GO players in the world.

Anubis Smokes

Compared to smokes, simple callouts are amateur hour. Learning smokes separates the men from the boys, the Gold Nova from the Master Guardians. They take practice to ensure you’re getting them absolutely perfect. If your smoke is off and execute the play as if you got it right, you risk being wiped out from the server, left only with lingering embarrassment and a round-loss.

Here are some key smoke lineups for Anubus you ought to know:

T-Spawn to Mid

Starting off easy here. Executed from T-Spawn, this smoke is a simple jump-throw into Mid. This blocks off any vision CTs might have through Mid, and is especially useful to nullify AWPers who are dominating the centre. Due to the narrow Mid area, it’s an extremely lenient smoke, and can be learnt by the newest of players.

T-Spawn to A-Bomb

This is a much more difficult smoke to execute, requiring perfect aim, precise timing and a jump-throw. Here you’re lobbing the smoke from T-Spawn straight into the A-Bombsite. This removes vision from one possible entry, and forces CT’s to readjust to defend the site. You can then pre-fire common spots and take it before B defenders have the chance to rotate.

Alternatively, you can instantly fake and rush B. Since the smoke is thrown from T-Spawn, CT’s will immediately be aware that A is a possibility. This allows a fake without needing a gunfight or long rotation.

CT-Mid to Bridge

This smoke is babies-first-smoke level easy. Despite it’s simplicity, it’s remarkably effective. From CT-Mid, it blocks off the T view of Mid while still giving the CT’s full view of Canals. If T’s rush A, you can immediately flank and tell your teammates to rotate, gaining the advantage within seconds of the round beginning. The only consideration here is to ensure you don’t accidentally cut off vision to Canals, though this is easily practiced.

Ruins to Alley

The Ruins-to-Alley smoke is great for carefully-considered B executes. Thrown from Ruins, it blocks CT vision onto the B-Bombsite, and allows T’s to sneak onto the site. Combined with other smokes, it can be useful for B rushes too, as T’s dart onto the site before CT’s know what happened.

Ruins to B-Bomb

This smoke combines with the previous smoke brilliantly, covering B-Bombsite and blocking any vision from B-Connector. Perfect for long B plays.

Boat to A-Bomb

Beginners-need-not-apply to this smoke, which can be a colossal waste of $300 if not pixel-perfect. The run-jump smoke into the top of the A-Bombsite is insanely efficient if it lands, and can allow for an instant take of the site especially combined with the second smoke on this list. Done correctly, it should completely obscure vision from Heaven in the A-Bombsite.

If you’re extremely confident in both your ability and CT positioning, replace the smoke for a HE grenade and launch it through the window. Get it wrong and it’ll bounce back, tagging you and your teammates for big damage.

We’re sure more smokes will be found but for now, these are currently the most efficient, bang-for-your-buck smokes on Anubis. We expect to see Anubis first played competitively at the BLAST World Finals 2022.