CSGO Pro Settings Guide: Best Pro Player Settings for 2022

CSGO is one of the most exciting, high-octane esports games in the history of the industry. For more than a decade, it has sat at the forefront of the competitive multiplayer market, boasting tens of millions of players and one of the most loyal fanbases in gaming. There’s a dense concentration of professional players that boast undeniable in-game talent, and today, we’re bringing you one step closer to them. With this comprehensive CSGO pro settings guide, you too can learn to play like a professional competitor.

There are plenty of CSGO settings to take into consideration when it comes to building out the best gaming experience. From the FPS-maximising settings to the best mouse settings, there’s a diverse array of options to tweak and optimise. As there are thousands of top-tier competitors, the best CSGO pro player settings can often be quite confusing to understand. So, in this guide, we’re breaking down the playing styles of the top competitors in the world today, to help you understand what’s required to optimise your game.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the best CSGO pro settings guide online today.

Why are CSGO Pro Settings Important?

Firstly, if you’re trying to get better at CSGO, nothing is more important than going into the game with the best settings possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to boost your frames or lock in a higher level of accuracy, it always starts with having the most optimised in-game settings. There’s a reason the best CSGO players are often hounded for their in-game choices, as every player on Earth knows the value of a good, consistent, and reliable build.

It has been proven by research many times – tweaking your in-game settings to suit your playstyle has a positive impact on your game. Of course, that includes in-game audio, graphics, and in CSGO’s case, launch options. This isn’t really a game that players can just boot up and be good at – there’s a little preparation needed, and that’s why the best CSGO pro settings are so important.

csgo pro settings

Image Credit: Valve

For many players, the best way to ensure a good game from the get-go is to set up the CSGO launch options before you even boot the game. Below, we’ve pasted the code that you’ll need to ensure a great CSGO experience, including a higher frame rate:

-high -tickrate 128 -console -refresh <your rate here> +exec <your file name here> -fullscreen -nod3d9ex1 +mat_disable+fancy_blending 1 +fps max <your fps here> +cl_forcepreload 1 +r_emulate_g -novid -nojoy -softparticlesdefaultoff

Now, let’s take a look at the graphics, audio, quality, and in-game options that you’ll need to customise for a great experience. We’ll also be taking a look at the best CSGO pro player settings on the market, which will undoubtedly help you fly upwards through the CSGO ranks.

Best CSGO Pro Settings: Graphics, In-Game, and FPS Boost

Let’s tackle how the game looks and runs before we jump into the CSGO pro player settings. In an ideal world, you’ll be able to draw as many frames as possible when you’re playing, as even the smallest boost can have the biggest impact on the game. If you’re pushing a higher frame rate, you’ll have the edge on your opponents, even if that edge gives you a micro-second advantage.

Firstly, you’ll want to take a look at the detail options in-game: Shader Detail, Effect Detail, and Global Shadow Quality. These settings should be locked to ‘LOW’ to ensure the highest frame rates can be achieved. Then, take a look at Boost Player Contrast and Multicore Rendering and set them to ENABLED. Next, there are several options that you’ll want to DISABLE in order to produce a smooth (but not beautiful) experience:

  • Texture Streaming, FXAA Anti-Aliasing, Wait for Vertical Sync, Motion Blur, Triple Monitor Mode, User Uber Shaders.

For the Model and Texture Detail settings, switch them to MEDIUM or LOW, ideally. Finally, identify the Texture Filtering Mode and lock this to BILINEAR.

csgo pro settings

Image Credit: Valve

Best CSGO Pro Settings: Launch Options

We’ve already given you the ideal code for the best CSGO launch settings, but here’s a breakdown of some of the individual settings:

  • +fps max 0: This setting will unlock your FPS value, meaning that the sky really is the limit. This is a key setting to boost your FPS level to the max.
  • +r_emulate_g: If you’re playing on a Windows PC, this setting will switch on OpenGL emulation, which might lead to an FPS boost.
  • -softparticlesdefaultoff: This setting will make explosions have a lower impact on your hardware, further boosting FPS.

Best CSGO Pro Player Settings

So, let’s say you’re seeing to take inspiration from some of the best CSGO players to ever exist. It’s a fair assumption that they’d have the best CSGO settings, as they’re competing at the highest level in esports. In this section of our CSGO pro settings guide, we’ll be taking a look at the options that some of the most cracked players in the world are running.

Niko: CSGO Settings

Let’s open up with G2 Niko’s CSGO settings, as he’s one of the strongest players in the business at the moment. Niko is a world-class player and one of the most consistent riflers in CSGO esports, and his settings bear some surprising tweaks. Firstly, Niko runs with an eDPI of 604, which is slightly below average and allows him better control of his weapon. His mouse boasts a polling rate of 1000hz, which is relatively standard, and his monitor comes with a refresh rate of 240hz.

However, where Niko stands out (and shows his experience) is with his resolution and aspect ratio. He plays CSGO with a resolution of 1152×846, giving him an aspect ratio of 4:3. It’s a legacy arrangement – a throwback to the ‘old days’, which is where many of today’s pro players cut their teeth.

ScreaM: CSGO Settings

These days, ScreaM can be found playing VALORANT and flying the Team Liquid banner, but once upon a time, the legendary Belgian player was a force in the CSGO scene. He boasts an iconic history, and even today, ScreaM’s CSGO settings are some of the most sought-after setups. Firstly, ScreaM uses a relatively standard eDPI, sitting at around 940, but his mouse polls at 500hz, which is quite slow compared to other competitive players.

He uses an even lower resolution than Niko, playing at just 800×600, which again is a 4:3 aspect ratio. It can be said that ScreaM absolutely prioritises frame rate over graphics, as he’s one of the few players to run a 360hz monitor in a competitive setting.

csgo pro settings

Image Credit: Valve

Shroud: CSGO Settings

Shroud is a considerably old-school character these days, and, like ScreaM, he has moved on to competing in VALORANT. However, he was once one of the most dominating and talented CSGO competitors, and Shroud’s CSGO settings are just as important as any esports pro playing in the scene today. When playing CSGO, Shroud uses a higher eDPI value of 1,080, which is typically the level reserved for an AWPer.

He runs a very demanding resolution in-game, opting to push to a 2560×1440 setup, which pushes the game to a 16:9 aspect ratio. Like many other players, Shroud opts for a 1000hz mouse polling rate, and he uses an industry-standard 240hz monitor.

Every Player is Different

When you’re setting up to use the best CSGO pro settings, you should bear in mind that every competitor is different. This is a fact when it comes to crosshairs, eDPI, sensitivity levels, and even keybinds, in some cases. For some competitors, even the way that they position their mouse and keyboard is unique.

While we’ve equipped you with the best CSGO pro settings 2022 has to offer, there’s still plenty of work to be done by yourself. It’s important to jump into the game and run a few test matches to see how you get on with the settings that you’ve chosen. There’s quite a long road ahead, and locking in the settings that work the best for you is an extremely important aspect of succeeding in CSGO.