How to make safe bets on CS:GO to build up profits

CS:GO is one of the fastest moving esports in the world. Whilst one minute a team is on top of the world, the next minute they’re struggling against all other teams and a new number one team has emerged.

Trying to make safe bets on CS:GO can be difficult because there are so many variables with a team’s performance that it’s not just as easy as picking out one good team and siding with them. Instead, you have to look at the overall performance of the top 5-10 teams and know when to pick the right ones to bet on. In this article, we explain exactly how this can be done.

Making safe bets on top performing teams

The first thing to make clear is that you will make less money when making safe bets – with less risk, less can be put up front from the website you’re betting on. The flip side to this is that if you play it safe, you should be able to slowly bulk up your profits over time.

Making a safe bet on CS:GO involves two processes. The first stage requires you to work out which teams are performing well at that point in time. Team performance changes very erratically, but a good starting place would be to go to the HLTV world rankings.


Right now, the 5 teams sitting at the top are FaZe, Cloud9, Mousesports, Fnatic, and Liquid. If you click on each of these teams, you can find out how well these teams have been performing in recent weeks.

 Spoiler: Whilst a team like FaZe may be at the very top, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the safest team to bet on. Recent results showcase that FaZe are actually losing more to lower tiered teams than other top 5 teams.

As an example, FaZe recently lost 0-2 to Virtus.Pro, a team that has struggled to get a single best of three win for months. Instead of FaZe, you may find that recent performance from other teams has been better. Take Fnatic for example – their results have been far more impressive as of late.

The key is to find a top tier team that is performing well right now, or at least within the last month.

Finding safe CS:GO matches to bet on

Once you’ve found a good team, it’s now time to find safe CS:GO matches to bet on. The best way to do this is to click on the team’s page on HLTV.


On the HLTV Fnatic team page, you can view all of the upcoming games that are planned for Fnatic. You must look for games where Fnatic is playing against underperforming teams. So, games against Space Soldiers or Mousesports would be a bad idea to bet on, but bets on games against a team like Virtus.Pro would be fairly safe.

You can also find matchups that put Fnatic against lower tier teams – these teams may not necessarily be underperforming, but they would struggle to play against a top-5 team. As an example, Fnatic’s ESL Pro League games against AGO and LDLC could be two very safe bets to make.

It may take longer to find suitable matches whilst using this method, but it can ensure you can make the safest bets possible.


To summarize, there are two important stages, both of which are outlined below.

  • Find a top 10 team that is performing very well recently.
  • Find matchups where that team goes against underperforming or lower tier teams.