Esports Betting Tipster 2024

Ultimate Place to Find Winning Betting Tips

If you’re a fan of Esports, you’ve likely tried out some Esports betting. Although, unlike traditional sports, it can be a little harder to find some tips and winning bets for Esports. This Esports betting guide tells you where to find an Esports betting tipster, and how to know which ones are worth listening to. If you want to maximize your chances of finding winning bets, there are important dos and don’ts.

Where to Find Esports Betting Tipsters


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There are plenty of people out there claiming to offer Esports betting tips that give you all the winning bets. However, finding those that offer decent tips that you can trust is really what is difficult. These are some places you can look for an Esports betting tipster:

  • Professional Tipsters – professional tipsters operating independently on social media like Twitter are a great place to go for tips.
  • Streamers – Some streamers specialize in esports betting. Much like tipsters on social media, these are great places to start.
  • Follow the News – Following esports news can be really helpful for finding betting tips. This keeps you up to date with everything going on in the sport you’re betting in. If you’re not doing this, then no Esports betting guide is going to help you find winning bets.

These are all great ways to find Esports betting tips. However, finding which tipster has accurate and correct tips is a little more complicated.

What to Look for in an Esports Betting Tipster

While there are loads of esports betting tipsters out there, telling the good from the bad is vital. Just about anyone can set themselves up as a tipster, so you’ve got to watch out for some signs on an informed tipster.

  • Do They Know the Game? – A good Esports tipster has to know the game they’re following. If they’re giving out tips about CS2 Betting, they’ll be a fan of CS:GO and knowledgeable about it.
  • They Don’t Misrepresent Odds – A good tipster is going to be clear about the bets they’re advising. If a tipster is being dishonest or blatantly trying to shovel viewers through a link to a very specific site, there probably misusing their influence.
  • You Can Trust Them – Streamers are a great place to find Esports betting advice since you’re clear on why they’re giving out tips. The more people that watch their stream, the better they’re doing. If they’re handing out phony advice or claiming untrue inside information, then they won’t last long as a streamer. Platforms like this are built on trust, so they’re a good place to find Esports betting tipsters that are trustworthy.

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Esports Betting Tips

Of course, the most important thing when looking for winning Esports bets is to follow good betting procedure in the first place. These are some tips that are going to help you maximize your odds and find more winning bets.

  • Bet on Esports You Know – Esports betting is a great way to liven up watching matches. However, you should stick to games you know. If you start betting on games completely alien to you, you’re not going to be a good judge of what bets are actually likely.
  • No One Can Predict the Future – There are bets with very small odds since they’re almost a set thing. However, as with any betting, you should remember that anything can happen. Always make sure you check the odds rather than going blindly with the recommendation of a tipster.
  • Stay Sensible – If the tips coming from one source seem too good to be true, they likely are. Try not to get carried away and know when the fun is over.

Finding the Right Bookmakers for your predictions

An Esports betting tipster will sometimes tip you off on specific bookmakers. This can be the site offering the best odds or certain promotions. In these cases, it is really beneficial if you run some checks before you buy into a new site. These are some things to keep in mind:

  • Bookmakers – You’ve got to go with the right bookmaker, those with offers too good to be true often are. Specifically, you need to make sure the bookmaker has the appropriate license for your country and provides markets for the games that you want to follow.
  • Look at Reviews – Looking at reviews for each esports betting site is going to give you the information you need to make an informed choice. After you decide on a site, lookup reviews. For example, if offers the right license and games with odds that work for you, check out this Buff bet review to make sure it’s trustworthy.
  • Bonus Promotions – Look out for bonus promotions (e.g. Unikrn and often have special promos) these can help you find the bets with the best returns; check also wagering requirements and betting limits.
  • Tournament Offerings and Odds Boosts – These are specific promotions that bookmakers offer, usually to coincide with big events (like the LoL Worlds, Dota 2 The International, or the Overwatch World Cup). If you’ve been following an event and know everything you need to know about it, then these are great places to find winning bets.

If you’re looking for Esports Tipsters, it is important to stay realistic. Making well-informed decisions can really help you find winning bets, but make sure you’re looking in the right place.

If you are totally new to esports gambling we recommend you to read our esports betting guide for beginners.