Fortnite Cheats, Hacks, and Exploits

Fortnite was released in 2017 as ‘Save the World’, since it has evolved to become  one of the best battle royale games of all time. The Fortnite player base that numbers in the hundreds of millions. It’s available on more or less every platform that exists, including mobile and Nintendo Switch. Today, we’re taking a look at the main multiplayer online game and figuring out if there are any Fortnite cheats that can be used to manipulate the game.

Like many other multiplayer games out there – specifically battle royales, there is a never-ending presence of cheaters. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are any Fortnite cheat codes that the average user can deploy in the game.

How do people use Fortnite cheats to get an advantage, then?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about Fortnite hacks, cheats, and how fast you’ll get banned for using them.

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Why is Fortnite So Popular?

Fortnite is so popular because it’s free to play, dramatically accessible, colourful and attractive, and addictive. The battle royale model has proven successful for Epic.  When you add in crossplay, team-based elements, creativity, and hundreds of exclusive, sought-after skins, you’ve got a winning formula.

For the most part, Fortnite has pioneered the battle royale genre. While other games predated it, it’s by far the most popular and longest lasting. Across all Fortnite seasons, it has continued to improve with each passing update.

It was around before Apex Legends and Call of Duty: Warzone were even announced. It has stood the test of time. Even today, many brands and household names collaborate with the game’s developer, Epic Games, to produce epic crossover events.

Fortnite has even been the stage for live music events and fantastic digital performances. It absolutely refuses to stop growing as a title.

It’s widely assumed that Fortnite is here to stay and won’t ever be decommissioned. There’s too much of a resilient community powering it forward. After more than six years since it was released, it continues to boast a remarkable and valuable esports scene. It’s also massive with content creators, and the best Fortnite players actively enjoy streaming the game on platforms like Twitch.

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Are there any Fortnite cheats for unlocking skins? (Image Credit: Epic Games)

Are There Any Fortnite Cheats?

So, you’ve seen people making use of Fortnite hacks in the game, and you want to know if there are any Fortnite cheat codes that you can take advantage of.

As Fortnite is a multiplayer-first title, there are absolutely no cheats that you can use that won’t go against the game’s terms of service. Unfortunately, for those looking for shortcuts, there are no Fortnite cheat codes for skins, gameplay, or building. There’s nothing that won’t break the rules.

However, that doesn’t mean that Fortnite cheats don’t exist outside of the platform. While Epic Games hasn’t released Fortnite with cheats incorporated, there are malicious websites out there that offer the sale of cheat packages and Fortnite hacks. These platforms should be avoided, as many of them are scams, but the sad truth is, many of them will sell players a range of Fortnite hacks, which can include:

  • ESP, which allows hackers to see everything they need to know about every other player
  • Aimbot, which gives a player instant, 100% accuracy
  • Wallhacks, which allow players to literally see through solid surfaces to track their opponents

There are no Fortnite cheat codes for v-bucks, but you always have a chance of running into a cheater using one of the above Fortnite hacks.

For the most part, the average player will have a lot of time spent on Fortnite, and they’ll never have seen a single cheater. It’s a sign of the efforts taken by Epic Games to make the game more stable, but cheaters definitely exist out there on the platform.

Can You Cheat in Fortnite’s Custom Worlds?

Technically, there are Fortnite cheats built into the game – but they only work on custom worlds or ‘islands’.

While there aren’t any cheats that’ll help you climb the Fortnite ranks in online multiplayer, you can cheat to your heart’s content while exploring custom creations. When you use the creative modes in Fortnite to build out a unique play area known as an island, you have the ability to mess with the game’s settings to quite a considerable distance.

Here’s a list of some of the settings you can change in Creative that are essentially Fortnite cheats:

  • Change Max Health
  • Infinite Ammo
  • Infinite Resources
  • Auto-Pickup
  • Immunity Time
  • Change Gravity
  • Max Energy
  • Max Sprint
  • Flight
  • Spawn Guards
  • Overshield

As you can see, most of that list is comprised of elements that would, in any other game, be considered traditional cheat codes. Here they’re more part of the game design than a cheat though.

On the multiplayer platform, you’ll need the best Fortnite settings if you want to have a chance of winning, but in some parts of Creative, you can tweak the game to make yourself invincible, with unlimited ammo and resources.

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Don’t use Fortnite cheats – just have fun playing the game! (Image Credit: Epic Games)

What Will Happen if You Cheat in Fortnite?

If you use Fortnite cheats or hacks, then you’ll inevitably be banned from the platform.

When you’re using cheats that are obvious, you’ll be reported by other players, and Epic Games will pick up on those reports, examine your account and associated logs, and determine whether or not to permanently ban you. They can often insta-ban those even teaming up in-game thanks to a sophisticated detector. There are no limitations when it comes to Fortnite hacks – if you’re cheating in the game, you’ll secure nothing less than a lifetime ban. Not a great prospect if your account is carrying some of the rarest Fortnite skins.

There are also monitoring tools put in place by Epic Games to detect hackers. Today, the world of gaming is data-driven, and that means that Epic Games collects information on everything that happens in every single game. If you’re using Fortnite cheats like aimbot, the monitoring systems will detect you.

Eventually, the odds of getting caught cheating are one hundred percent. Epic has unerring accuracy, and ping an alert to whatever piece of software manages players.

It may take minutes, hours, or days, but almost every player using Fortnite cheats will be banned from the platform forever.

Is Fortnite Zero Build The Best Mode?

It’s subjective, but Fortnite Zero Build is one of the most interesting modes to appear in the game. It was added in March of 2022, and it brought many players both new and old into the game. For the most part, building is a challenging topic in Fortnite. It takes a skilled player to be able to do it well, and it can make the game less accessible. However, since Zero Build appeared in Fortnite, many millions of players have begun enjoying it. It’s an alternative for those who want to keep things simple.

In Zero Build, all building elements are removed. There’s still the destruction of buildings to bear in mind. Cover is still destroyable.

Bringing down a structure won’t yield any mats though, simply because they’re not even needed. In fact, Zero Build turned out to be so popular its often more commonly played in Fortnite streams. It even has its own Fortnite esports events.

With Zero Build, it all comes down to honest gunplay, and someone throwing up a massive, complex build in seconds becomes a thing of the past.

If you’ve got great gun skills and movement abilities, then Fortnite Zero Build is definitely the place to be.

So, Should You Use Fortnite Cheats?

It’s best to leave the cheating and manipulation of the game to Creative. If you’re going to use Fortnite hacks on the multiplayer platform, you can expect to be banned fast. It’ll be a complete shame, especially considering you’ll have spent real-world money on those cheats, only to find yourself unable to use them because you’ve been hardware or IP banned.

It’s an immoral thing, to cheat in an online game, and it totally disrupts everyone else’s fun. Of course, you might not care about that – but we do. That’s why we firmly stand against using cheats in multiplayer games and will never link out to platforms that offer the sale of cheats and hacks.

If you play the game normally, you’ll have more fun, you’ll level up, and you’ll feel much more satisfied when you land a win.

For more information on cheats, tips, and hacks, check out our extensive range of gaming guides.