Best LoL Settings: Guide to the Best Pro Settings for LoL

As far as esports go, League of Legends is probably the hardest to grasp initially. Especially with some of the hardest champions in LoL feeling like they need a degree to understand and use effectively, having your settings dialled in as best you can will be essential to improving your play.

Having a set of LoL pro settings won’t make you Faker overnight, but it will certainly make it easier to hone in your gameplay, so join us as we go through the Settings pane page-by-page to ensure you have the best LoL settings for your next journey to the Summoner’s Rift.

best lol settings


Our hotkeys and bindings have a simple purpose – making sure we can access all of our key functions at a moment’s notice, whatever League of Legends roles you play.

While many of these are down to preference, and we recommend that you experiment to find the perfect combination for you, we have some ‘key tips’ (ba dum tsss) for setting these up:


  • Have your hotkeys within reach and comfortable. A hotkey is as good as useless if you can’t reach it when you need it or have to compromise your hand positioning just to press. If you’re having to stretch your hand or reposition entirely to reach a hotkey, it’s worth considering a rebind.
  • Bind Quick Cast with Indicator, Self Cast and Quick Cast All. These binds are essential to higher levels of play, and having the best LoL settings means saving fractions of seconds and saving clicks, as they all count in a live game scenario. We recommend having ‘Quick Cast with Indicator’ and ‘Self Cast’ mapped to the same key as Quick Cast, but with a ‘modifier key’ such as Shift or Alt, minimising extra inputs you need to learn.


  • Go too wild with rebinds. Everyone is different, but you’re making your life a lot harder if you go in and rebind everything to completely different positions. Especially if you have prior experience with LoL or other MOBAs, rebinding everything is going to take a lot of time to untrain your mind and muscle memory. Every split-second taken to remind yourself of a key or action’s position is valuable time lost.

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Having the best LoL settings for your PC is just as important. LoL is not a difficult game to run by any means, especially compared to other recent esports titles, but that doesn’t mean you can’t optimise your experience.

  • Turn on Low Spec Mode – This is a setting in the client rather than the game itself, but turning this on means more resources are dedicated to running LoL – a welcome boost to stability and framerate. Simply head to Settings > General and you should see the option to turn on Low Spec Mode.
  • Set your Resolution – Given 67% of gamers still play at 1080p (Source: Steam Hardware Survey – June 2022), it’s recommended you either play at that resolution or 720p if your system struggles – Playing higher resolutions not only is more expensive from a hardware and resources standpoint, but you get diminishing returns especially for a game of this type.
  • Set Overall Quality to Low / Medium – Especially in the case of the best junglers, turning down the visual quality reduces the unnecessary details on screen to focus on just what’s essential to gameplay, with a good bump in framerate to boot. Especially turning off elements like shadows and V-sync will improve performance significantly and ensure your inputs are consistent. Frames win games.
  • Unlock/Lock your Framerate – If your system has some more headroom, it would be worth unlocking your framerate so your hardware can push as many frames as possible. Especially with higher framerate monitors, the difference is immediately noticeable. Inversely if your system suffers from inconsistent framerates, it would be worth locking to a lower framerate for consistent play, as sudden frame drops are far more noticeable than consistently lower framerate.


Sound cues are useful information that can be used to inform your next moves – calibrating your sound settings and audio balance will make sure you can focus on the sounds that are important and remove those that pose a distraction.

Our recommendations are to turn Music off completely and lower Ambience Volume to as low as you are comfortable with, as well as slightly reducing Sound FX Volume as heavy battles can be sonically overwhelming at times. From that point it comes down to purely personal preference and balancing between the Announcer, Voices and Pings as you see fit.

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Playing in higher LoL ranks often means having your knowledge – and settings – dialled in to be just right. The same is true for your UI, so here are some recommendations for minimising distractions and maximising your play space:

  • HUD / Shop / Chat Scale: Reduce – Keep things legible, but while the standard is fine for most if you can get away with a reduction, that’s valuable space.
  • Cursor Scale: Reduce – Given how much you’ll be using the cursor during a game, reducing it’s size will help clear up the screen significantly, though having it too small could mean losing the cursor in chaotic scenarios.
  • Minimap Scale: 100/Maximum – The minimap is one of the few things that you should have as visible as possible, containing plenty of key information relating to the match in progress.


Cursor Speed is a subject of preference, as it dictates how far your cursor will travel on-screen based on a set amount of cursor movement. – play a few games and see if you are overshooting (going too far) or undershooting (not going far enough) with the mouse when playing. If you are overshooting a lot, it may be worth turning that sensitivity down, and vice versa. We also recommend matching Cursor Speed and Camera Move Speed (Mouse) for consistency.

We will say with absolute certainty however – TURN OFF MOUSE ACCELERATION. Please. While it is designed for you to navigate faster, it means you cannot learn any meaningful muscle memory relating to in-game actions.

As with all things, striking a balance is key, so while these are our recommendations, continue to play, experiment and make small adjustments to make them the best LoL settings for YOU.

There will be plenty of LoL esports news to come with the Summer Splits taking place over the coming weeks, and we personally can’t wait.