Is Minecraft Cross Platform?

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang studios. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java programming language. After many early private testing versions, Minecraft was first made public in May 2009 before being fully released in November 2011. After this, Notch stepped down with Jens “Jeb” Bergensten taking over development. Minecraft has been ported to many other platforms and is the best-selling video game of all time, with over 238 million copies sold and nearly 140 million monthly average players as of 2021.


Minecraft is a procedurally generated 3D world with almost infinite terrain. In the default Minecraft survival mode your goal is to extract resources to craft tools and items and build structures and simple machines to help you progress through the game where the end goal is defeating the ender dragon. On the way, you will encounter hostile creatures such as Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders, and more. You will also encounter more realistic farm animals such as chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, and horses which you can use for food, bedding, and travel.

Why is Minecraft so Popular

Minecraft has become more and more popular due to the modding world. Thanks to mods invented by the Minecraft player base, the game has unlimited potential. From simple mods for cosmetics to some extremely advanced mods such as skyblock and hexit the game is growing more and more. Alongside this, Minecraft is a very simple block-based game that just on its own has unlimited replayability as there really isn’t a goal that you need to complete, so you can just keep playing. 

Is Minecraft Cross Platform?

Cross-platform is when gamers can play a  game on one platform with and against players from other platforms, i.e. playing on a PC with your friend who is playing on an Xbox.

The gaming world is evolving, and people want to play games with their friends more often, meaning crossplay is becoming more of a necessity. This is because they don’t really want to buy a new console just because their friend plays a game that they can’t play with them on. Over the past few years, having a game that is cross-platform has become more and more important. In the case of Minecraft, there are two different versions, Bedrock and Java. Minecraft: Bedrock edition is playable on Windows 10PCs, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 / 5, IOS and iPadOS devices, and Android devices. 

The Java Edition, however, is much more restricted. Java Edition Minecraft is the original version. Because of this, it is not available for console or mobile and is the only version available for Mac and Linux users.

How to crossplay on Minecraft

If you play the Bedrock Edition, you can simply add and play with friends cross-platform, as long as they are also playing the Bedrock Edition too. This puts Minecraft up there as one of the best crossplay games

Playing multiplayer on Java is a little more complicated, you can either use a public server or create your own and invite friends using the server IP, use Minecraft realms, which is a Mojang-hosted multiplayer server for you which costs money. Finally, you can play together by sharing a local area network, or LAN meaning you would all have to be connected to the same internet. With all the information we have, Minecraft has much better Crossplay than you get with Stardew Valley crossplay or Terraria crossplay. As Well as other popular survival games such as forest, which still gets the question, is The Forest cross-platform?

How to add friends in Minecraft

When you have launched Minecraft, make sure you are signed in to an account, you need to load into a new or existing world. Once you have loaded in, open the in-game pause menu and click “invite to Game” on the far right. After this select the option to “Find Cross Platform Friends” on the next screen. Find your friends using their Minecraft ID (Gamertag) and select “Add Friend”. When added, Friends added and available to play multiplayer will appear under the “Online Friends”. Check the box beside their gamertag and click “Send Invite”. Once accepted, they will load into your world.

Minecraft also has a different type of game which is a 2d story-based game called dungeons, now, is Minecraft dungeons crossplay? Yes, it is,  Minecraft dungeons is 2-4 player online multiplayer and allows cross-platform play between Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and 5, Windows PC, and Xbox.

Have fun with Minecraft Crossplay with your friends

What we have gathered from this is that Minecraft is one of the best cross-platform games around. It looks like Mojang knows what to do and how to keep their game popular as it’s been one of the top-selling games for over 10 years.