Is Terraria Cross-platform?

First released for Windows on May 16, 2011, Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game developed and published by Re-Logic. A quick rise in popularity led to growing interest from many people, and as a result, the developers released an Xbox and Playstation version of the game in March 2013. Later that year, in August 2013, a mobile version was released first on iOS and a few days later for Android. Since then, it was also released for the Nintendo Switch on June 27, 2019.


Often compared to Minecraft, the game takes place in a procedurally generated 2D world where players can travel around the map crafting, building, painting, and fighting with a variety of different monsters and creatures. There’s a large variety of different biomes to explore as well, with each biome having its own unique enemies, music, and appearance, which makes it more exciting to discover new areas. 

Because of the many creative features and endless possibilities, Terraria is an extremely unique gaming experience enjoyed by millions. It is one of the most popular and best selling games of all time. Over 44.5 million copies have been sold across all platforms as of 2022, and this is still rising daily. But is Terraria cross-platform?

Does Terraria Have Crossplay?

So is Terraria cross-platform? The answer is yes, but not in the standard way that you might think.

Terraria crossplay is available for mobile players on IOS and Android. The mobile version of the game allows for Terraria crossplay across the two different operating systems, meaning that if you have an iPhone then you will be able to play with your Android friends.

Even though the game is currently available on all platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch as well as mobile, sadly, Terraria crossplay has not yet been made available between all of them. Just like in Stardew Valley crossplay, whilst it is possible to play with your friends who are on the same device or operating system, you will not be able to play with your friends from another platform.

The current Terraria crossplay system is also similar to the ARK crossplay system, where cross-generation multiplayer is possible. This means that, for example, PlayStation 4 players are able to play with their PlayStation 5 friends. Terraria has cross-generation multiplayer on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S too, as well as between different Steam versions such as Linux, Mac and Windows.

Having no cross-platform is a major downside that Terraria has compared to other popular sandbox game Minecraft, as the Minecraft crossplay system allows players to connect across all different platforms without any problems, which is pivotal in the game’s growth and success.

Will Terraria get Cross Platform?

When we asked is Fortnite cross-platform we saw how Epic Games have developed the perfect cross-platform system that other video game developers should be looking to replicate if they want their game to grow to be a huge success. And with the evidence we have seen so far, Re-Logic might be looking to do this in the near future.

After their next “Labor of Love” update set to release in late September, the developers have made hints at the possibility of a Terraria crossplay system being developed. Whilst nothing has been confirmed as of yet, fans can keep their hopes up that in the future they might be able to connect with their buddies from other platforms.

Developing a successful crossplay system for Terraria is vital if Re-Logic are wanting to keep growing their game and stay competing with top game studios.

We hope that this has answered the question: Is Terraria Cross Platform? 

Whilst at the moment Terraria crossplay has not been developed, there is hope that one day in the near future the developers will start working on a crossplay system to further grow their already immense playerbase. And if you really want to play Terraria with your friend, why not grab your mobile device and download Terraria on there?

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