Best MW2 Guns: What is the Best Gun in Modern Warfare 2?

Modern Warfare 2 was released on the 28th of October 2022, and it quickly became the fastest-selling Call of Duty title in history. Within little more than a week, the game had pulled in more than $1 billion in revenue and amassed tens of millions of players. There was no time wasted among the fans eager to determine the best MW2 guns they could possibly equip, and before long, the meta builds were being circulated online.

In Modern Warfare 2, there’s a diverse and dynamic array of weaponry to be wielded. From handguns to launchers and from assault rifles to battle rifles, it’s a platform that has been built to accommodate every type of player. With the launch of Modern Warfare 2, an all-new Gunsmith 2.0 engine was introduced, giving players the ability to make the best MW2 guns even better with tuning and an expansive range of attachments.

So, what is the best gun in Modern Warfare 2, and why?

What Is The Best Gun in Modern Warfare 2?

1. TAQ-56 (Assault Rifle)

best mw2 guns taq

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

Built to replicate the iconic SCAR-platform weapon, the TAQ-56 is a capable, stable, and reliable close-to-mid-range assault rifle that can lay an enemy down in nothing flat. From stock, this weapon has one of the lowest levels of recoil in its class, and the iron sights are clean and easy to get to grips with. It’s a powerhouse of a weapon that any veteran Call of Duty player will understand with ease, and professional Call of Duty League players have already found their calling running this weapon in pre-season tournaments.

Furthermore, the TAQ-56 is already proving to be a fan favourite in both Warzone 2 and DMZ, the battle royale and extraction mode platforms released on the 16th of November. There are countless players both using and loving the TAQ-56 in Modern Warfare 2, then carrying it over, fully equipped, into Warzone 2. It’s arguably a weapon that sits at the top of the table where the best MW2 guns are concerned.

2. Kastov 74u (Assault Rifle)

At first glance, you’d think this is the first-choice favourite SMG from Cold War – the AKS-74u. Technically, it is, but in Modern Warfare 2, it takes up a key spot in the Assault Rifle roster. It’s a relatively tough weapon to unlock, but that just goes to prove how fantastic it is, and it certainly stands firm as one of the best MW2 guns. If you’re eager to run the Kastov 74u, you’ll need to rank up both the Kastov 762 and 545 just to unlock it.

Once you’ve managed to secure the Kastov 74u, you’ll be pleased to see how well it performs at almost any range. There’s a considerable drop-off but in close-to-mid-range engagements, the Kastov shines through and defeats almost any comparable weapon. There are some key attachments that require the player to traverse some awkward unlock paths, but once they’re in-hand, this weapon becomes an absolute show-stopper.

3. STB-556 (Assault Rifle)

This really is an Assault Rifle game, and that’s a fact that’s proven by the slower pace and generally longer lines of engagement. Our third weapon on the list of the best MW2 guns is the STB-556, which you’ll recognise as being a replication of the real-world weapon platform, the AUG. It’s a tried, tested, and iconic weapon in the world of Call of Duty, but in Modern Warfare 2, it really is something special.

It has a slow and punchy rate of fire that might deter the more aggressive players, but it makes up for the firing speed by being an absolute powerhouse. With the right attachments, the STB-556 has almost no discernable recoil, and it’s a weapon that can perform well in the hands of both the beginner and the veteran player. For a while, the AUG was one of the most popular weapon platforms in Warzone, and we could see the STB-556 making a meta-focused return in Warzone 2.

4. SP-R 208 (Marksman Rifle)

what is the best gun in in modern warfare 2

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

If you’re an avid Modern Warfare 2 player, you’ll have been put flat on your back by the SP-R 208 more times than you can count. If you’re asking, ‘what is the best gun in Modern Warfare 2’, you’ll not be far off the mark if you’re looking to one of the most overpowered Marksman Rifles in the history of the franchise. Out of every Call of Duty title, few weapons have been quickly regarded as a complete nuisance than the SP-R 208.

That’s why it’s one of the best MW2 guns – because people hate seeing it on the battlefield. Even without a single attachment equipped, the SP-R 208 boasts a fast ADS speed, and if you’re hitting enemies in the chest or higher, you’ve got a 95% chance of a one-hit-kill. It’s an absolute wonder to behold, and many a player has brought a team deathmatch to a quick closure whilst wielding the SP-R 208. It boasts a limited potential if you’re a massively aggressive player, but don’t consider overlooking this rifle.

5. M4 (Assault Rifle)

The M4 is one of the most popular weapon platforms in Modern Warfare 2 for the simple reason that it just works so well. It’s a phenomenal piece of kit and it’s favoured by some of the best Call of Duty players in the business. There’s no doubting the overall ability of the M4 platform, which is massively versatile and can function just as easily as an SMG as it can a two-tapper semi-auto rifle. It’s iconic, it’s instantly recognisable, and it’s one of the best MW2 guns without a doubt.

With the right build, the M4 can dominate on any map, during any game mode, and then, it’ll also clear the battlefield in a round of DMZ, Invasion, or in Warzone 2.0. There’s no end to the abilities of this weapon, but some of the meta attachments are a little tricky to unlock. Since Modern Warfare 2 launched, Infinity Ward has nerfed the M4 somewhat, and in the Call of Duty League, the organisers have tried their best to ‘nerf’ the weapon – it’s just that good.


It may be misleading at first glance, but the VAZNEV is a fantastic alternative to the likes of the Lachmann Sub or something even smaller and faster, like the VEL-46. It’s a relatively small but mighty SMG, chambered primarily in 9mm, but it absolutely shreds any target at close range. It’s more capable than comparable weapons, such as the Lachmann Sub, and it has quickly become an absolute favourite of the SMG-toting pro players, like OpTic Texas’ Scump and Shotzzy.

This deceptive SMG boasts one of the fastest TTK records in its class, making it an easy choice, and once the unlock path has been fulfilled, almost every player is all too eager to take it into a match and give it a spin. There’s almost no need to apply any attachments to the weapon, but if you do want to put some on, and they’re the right ones, the weapon only gets that much better. It’s an impressive piece of kit, to be sure.

7. Lachmann Sub (SMG)

best mw2 guns lachmann sub

Image Credit: Infinity Ward

Throughout the history of Call of Duty, few weapons have had the impact that the MP5 has. It has been a staple weapon in almost every modern (or near-modern) title in the franchise, and the introduction of the Lachmann Sub doesn’t change that fact. It isn’t called the MP5 for licensing reasons, but rest assured that it is the MP5. From the earliest days of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, the MP5 has been the weapon of choice for fast-paced run’n’gun fanatics, and the Lachmann Sub is no different.

In Modern Warfare 2, players must undergo quite a journey to unlock the Lachmann Sub. It involves using a Battle Rifle, then an Assault Rifle, which finally unlocks the Lachmann Sub. It’s worth it, though – up close, few weapons boast the stopping ability that the Lachmann Sub does. It’s a force to be reckoned with, and it’s only let down by its weaknesses at anything further than a mid-range engagement.

8. Basilisk (Handgun)

We’re finishing off this list of the best MW2 guns with a slight curveball – the Basilisk. This five-shot revolver is a devastating weapon, and arguably one of the most enjoyable pieces of equipment to run in any game mode. It complements any of the above-listed weapons perfectly, and owing to its overall power, it has the ability to one-shot an enemy at full health. It has obvious limitations, such as the capacity of the thing, but with a few attachments, it can overcome any obstacle.

If you were a fan of the ‘Snake Shot’ meta on Warzone, we’re happy to confirm that, once again, it seems to be making a comeback. Once you’ve ranked up the Basilisk a few levels, you’ll unlock the .500 Snake Shot ammunition. At close range, this essentially turns the Basilisk into a miniature shotgun, and if it wasn’t a one-shot tapper before, it absolutely is now.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Guns | The Rundown

So, here’s a rapid recap of the best MW2 guns available right now:

  1. TAQ-56
  2. Kastov 74u
  3. STB-556
  4. SP-R 208
  5. M4
  6. VAZNEV 9K
  7. Lachmann Sub
  8. Basilisk

Happy hunting!