Top Modern Warfare 2 Guns

With the recent news that a new full version of MW2 will be released, we wanted to highlight the top weapons in its predecessor’s multiplayer. Additionally, with creating a top weapons list for Vanguard multiplayer, we were more than happy to explore what was on offer in terms of Modern Warfare 2 guns. With each category having great weaponry, we will include at least one weapon from each class.

This list is sure to bring back both fond and painful memories, so whether you enjoyed Sniping on Rust or hectic SMG fights on Favela, we have you covered.

Our Top Modern Warfare 2 Guns

1. FAMAS (Assault Rifle)

The FAMAS is arguably the most well-rounded AR in MW2. As a barebones weapon it is highly affective, and with the addition of attachments it can perform well at any range. Additionally, its high fire rate compensates for its average damage statistics. With Extended Mags or FMJ available, single handily wiping out multiple enemies in one clip is a strong possibility. On average it takes two bursts to eliminate a single enemy, but with FMJ equipped, collateral bullet penetration exists.

Having the FAMAS available by default enabled many players to have strong legs to stand on from their first match. In our opinion, this allowed for new players to find enjoyment, even against those who were a higher rank. Ultimately, this led to more even encounters in multiplayer and more hours of fun.

2. UMP45 (Sub-Machine Gun)

This fully automatic SMG had been the most popular choice in its class across all MW2. With the UMP45 unlocking at level 4, it is absurd to think the strongest in class along with the previously mentioned FAMAS is available early on for players. Due to its high accuracy and damage stats, it is rare to see a match without this weapon being used. An overlooked feature is its ability to perform at longer range. By no means is it an AR, but out of all SMG’s, this is a viable choice in long range duels.

Modern Warfare 2 UMP45

The most used attachment and perk combo had been FMJ and Stopping Power. With these alone, a player can easily two shot an enemy. Ultimately, when you can two shot a player with an SMG at short-medium range, not many weapons come close to its effectiveness. In addition, if players ran Marathon Pro and Ninja Pro, they could close distances on foes quickly without being detected. This is one of the most popular Modern Warfare 2 guns out of any class, and even now it sits as one of the more popular Warzone guns.

3. Intervention (Sniper Rifle)

It is the weapon that inspired 1v1’s and 2v2’s on the legendary map, Rust. It is also the only bolt-action Sniper Rifle in the game. It holds many similarities with the 50 Cal, such as the ability to kill with one bullet, its great accuracy, and longer-range capabilities. However, it excels in its lower kickback motion. This does allow players to keep sight of enemies. This feature also allows Intervention to be used in closer range duels, as you can focus more heavily on targets.

With a slightly better reload time, it adds to its efficiency and make itself a viable option over most maps. When combined with FMJ, for eliminating foes behind cover, and Sleight of Hand Pro for ADS speed, you will have one of the deadliest Snipers in the MW series.

4. SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

Now for a close ranged specialist weapon, that can cause infinite rage to those caught in its crosshairs. Shotguns in this game are not efficient medium-long range, which justifies their position as a secondary weapon. However, the SPAS-12 can be a lot of fun to use, due to its tighter pellet spread when compared to others. With most multiplayer maps having tight areas to hide within, close-quarter weapons including Shotguns can find consistent success.

Ideally, a loadout that allows for gap closing and awareness is essential. When the SPAS-12 has Extended Mags, then perks such as Marathon Pro, Stopping Power Pro and Sitrep Pro equipped, you become a very dangerous proposition in any game.

5. M93 Raffica (Machine Pistol)

Unlocked at level 38, this Machine Pistol may be classed as a secondary weapon but has been used as a first choice by many players. Like many burst weapons such as FAMAS and M16, the time-to-kill stats are excellent. The downside being, if you do not hit the initial shots, the likelihood of success drops dramatically. With Akimbo enabled as an attachment, Marathon Pro, Stopping Power and Steady Aim as perks, you can eliminate enemies in 2-3 bursts.

Due to having Akimbo M93 Raffica’s, Steady Aim will almost guarantee whoever runs across your screen short-medium range, will be in danger. Ultimately, due to the flinch action targets will experience from being hit with this weapon, you are at a strong advantage after the first shot.

6. M240 (Light-Machine Gun)

When it comes to LMG’s there is an expectation of holding up in strong positions and utilising their high power and high ammunition count. The M240 allows players to take those attributes whilst being more mobile. When unlocking the M240 at level 52, it requires no attachments. The recoil pattern ADS is mild, and its time to kill is extremely high. What also makes this weapon the strongest in class is its limited damage drop off.

Modern Warfare 2 M240

When using this weapon, regardless of being close quarters, medium or in long range duels, this weapon will consistently clear multiple opponents. It’s only downside being, if you do not get the jump on foes, the ADS time similar to other LMG’s is not greater than other classes.

7. Thumper x2 (Launcher)

Yes, there are better weapons than the Thumper, but to meet our requirements, how could we miss it out. Unlocked at level 14, it is certainly a good choice when hunting for kills to level up. It is effective in a short-medium range due to its reliable accuracy. With having multiple rounds, it allows a player to at least trade with hostiles before losing a life. Additionally, this weapon is more commonly used alongside an SMG, as AR’s can have a grenade launcher attachment that fit the same purpose.

To complete an elite Thumper class, Scavenger will keep your Thumper stocked with ammo. Additionally, Danger Close Pro will allow a damage boost. Overall, this weapon will allow you to clean out choke points and objectives with minimal risk. Just don’t expect to make many friends: amongst Modern Warfare 2 guns, the Thumper doesn’t have a beloved reputation.

8. Desert Eagle (Pistol)

We could not forget the most lethal and explosive Pistol in the entire Modern Warfare franchise. Affectionately know is the Deagle, this weapon’s damage is only rivalled to the Magnum, but holds an advantage as you have more ammunition per clip available. Unlocked at level 62, it is certainly a great option in the secondary weapon slot. This weapon can eliminate foes consistently in close-range with 2-3 bullets.

For this reason, and the fact pistols don’t excel at medium-long range, equipping Akimbo for Desert Eagle will drastically increase the time to kill. With an iconic sound design and great appearance, it is certainly a great weapon to use.

With all classes represented by the best weapons in their class, we would enjoy an MW2 version of each weapon in Warzone. With each title after Warzones inception having their own weapons integrated, it is almost a guarantee we see these in the mode soon.

Modern Warfare 2 Guns – The Rundown

Here’s a quick list of all our top picks:

  1. FAMAS
  2. UMP 45
  3. Intervention
  4. SPAS-12
  5. M93 Raffica
  6. M240
  7. Thumper (x2)
  8. Desert Eagle