Cheat code for Pokémon Emerald list and guide

Is there a Pokémon Emerald cheat code? The solitary version of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire was released first in Japan in 2004 and then internationally in 2005. Since then, it’s gone on to hold up as one of the best-ever games in the franchise.

To this day, many players hold it as the best, most challenging and most fun entry yet. Naturally, even 18 years later, people still want to play it. As mentioned, it is a very challenging entry to the franchise. It was significantly harder to beat than other games that time and it holds up today. As a result, players may be interested in a Pokémon Emerald cheat code or two. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheat codes for Pokémon Emerald.

Keep in mind that many of these were not intended by Nintendo and Game Freak, so they’re not a legitimate part of the game. Some games have cheat codes to unlock characters or levels, but these are well beyond that. As a result, they can sometimes cause issues.

Be sure to save your game right before you enter a code because the game can crash as a result. You don’t want to lose a lot of progress due to a Pokémon Emerald cheat code, so be very careful with them. Additionally, these are used in conjunction with a Game Shark or Action Replay accessory. These grant access to the codes.

pokemon emerald cheat code

Every Pokémon Emerald cheat code

Master codes for Pokémon Emerald

Sometimes, cheat codes require a master code to be input first. Here are the master codes for this game:

  • D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5 A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

With this, you can use whatever cheats you want.

Walk through walls cheat code

Most older Pokémon games are very structured. They have limits on where you can go and when so that the gameplay stays linear. You can’t get to certain areas before a certain point and you can’t do certain things until a certain time. With this code, you can walk through walls:

  • 7881A409 E2026E0C 8E883EFF 92E9660D

By enabling this, you allow yourself to walk through any and all barriers. The walls that existed to keep you in an area until the right time are now effectively gone. With this code enabled, you can go wherever you want. This can have untold consequences, like finding very overleveled Pokémon, but it’s generally helpful.

Infinite money cheat code for Pokémon Emerald

Money is pretty valuable in Pokémon games. With it, you can buy items so that you can heal your Pokémon, catch more and the like. Without it, you’d be restricted to needing tofind everything you can on the ground, but that won’t be enough. Fortunately, there’s a code:

  • C051CCF6 975E8DA1

With this, you will have infinite money.

Never miss a move

Battling with high-powered moves can be tricky because most of them have low accuracy ratings. For example, Zap Cannon has 120 power, but only 50% accuracy. Using it is a big risk. Fortunately, there’s a code for this very situation:zigzagoon-pokemon

  • DF5CCB074CC8 F95E9565CCD8

With this code, you will never miss a move. Whatever move you use, regardless of its accuracy, will land.

No random battle cheat code for Pokémon Emerald

Random battling is useful for leveling up a Pokémon. With them, your party gradually gains more XP and gets stronger. However, they can be incredibly tedious and annoying. Here’s a code you can use that will skip all of them:

  • B505DB41 6E39EA4E

You may find yourself underleveled and needing a lot of rare candy to offset that, but it does remove the annoying challengers who want to face you with a single level 15 Clamperl.

Infinite Master Ball cheat code

There is only one way to ensure a catch and that’s with a Master Ball. Even when catching a level one Bagon with an Ultra Ball, there’s a chance it can escape and even flee. A Master Ball is the only guaranteed catch. normally, a Pokémon game only grants you one, and it’s designed for the Legendary you catch. In this case, it would be for Lugia or Ho-Oh. Fortunately, there’s a code to give you limitless Master Balls:

  • 958D8046 A7151D70 8BB602F7 8CEB681A

Never worry about something fleeing again.

Gain all TM/HMs cheat code for Emerald

TMs and HMs are important. With them, you can teach your Pokémon a ton of different moves. Here’s a code you can use to get any TM or HM in the game:

  • C6511EC5 0F15C8E0 4689920D 5CFF6FFE 8631B929 014933DF 10257B84 3365249C AEA23F29 64EDD481 166577A1 EB80A832

A Pokémon will be able to know any move they can learn in Emerald with this cheat code.

Improve lighting

If there’s an area that has bad lighting or is dark, you can light it up. Use this code:

  • 0C7BD341 E9775222

After using it, dark areas will not be so annoying to explore anymore.

Never see wild Pokémon cheat code

If you aren’t interested in encountering any wild Pokémon, which can certainly be a tedious and slow aspect of the game, use this code:

  • B505DB41 6E39EA4E

Random encounters will no longer occur.

Unlimited rare candy code

Rare candy, as mentioned before, can be used to offset some other changes in the game. Regardless, it is used to level up Pokémon. With this code, you can get unlimited rare candy:

  • 82005274 0044Latios pokemon
  • BFF956FA 2F9EC50D

With it, you can level up all your Pokémon to level 100 with no trouble at all.

999,999 XP in battle cheat code for Pokémon Emerald

Organically leveling up can take some time, which is why the rare candy cheat is so popular. However, there’s another way to speed up the process. Instead of using rare candy, you can get a lot of XP from battles. Use this code:

  • 82000060270F 82022D48270F 82022F7C270F 8202309C270F 820241F0270F

After doing this, your battles will give you nearly a million XP for your Pokémon.

All shiny Pokémon

Finding a shiny Pokémon is arguably the best part of any game. The slight coloration change brings unparalleled joy. Unfortunately, that’s a very rare occurrence. Finding a shiny, especially in older games, is nigh impossible. However, with this cheat enabled, you will only find shinies:

  • F3A9A86D 4E2629B4 18452A7D DDE55BCC

Sure, that might remove the allure of a shiny, but some of them just look better. Either way, having a lot of shinies is certainly not a bad thing.

Steal an enemies Pokémon cheat code

In a battle, whether for a gym or a random battle, the opponent can have really strong Pokémon. You might want that Pokémon. Ordinarily, you’d just be out of luck, but coders have come up with a cheat to give you the Pokémon:

  • B6C5368A 08BE8FF4 B8D95CFE 06ED6EA1 E151C402 8A229A83 8E883EFF 92E9660D

Using this will allow you to steal the enemy’s Pokémon. Be sure to press L and R at the same time rapidly when doing so. Otherwise, you may end up with a bad egg. If you do, restart the game without saving.

Max stats

Stats can vary, especially on wild Pokémon. Fortunately, there’s a way to modify them. Here is a code to max out each stat on the Pokémon:

  • Attack: 973FBE3F EDC8200Dtorchic-pokemon
  • SP attack: E9B89F9D C73B5749
  • Defense: 979050AE 6F56B497
  • SP defense: DBC9F375 30D76D78
  • HP: 35A039FD B90C0C5B
  • Speed: 35B2E18D FC573426

Your Pokémon will be so good after this.

Change nature cheat code for Pokémon Emerald

A Pokémon’s nature is important, but it’s always random and they often have the wrong one. Fortunately, that can be modified with a cheat code. Use this code for the particular nature you want your Pokémon to have. There are a lot of options, so choose wisely:

  • Adamant: C8CE1977 779F1AA5
  • Bashful: 5C43DDAA 02D3FC98
  • Bold: 5E7363AA 5D262877
  • Brave: EB200815 63938154
  • Calm: D090BDDA 1968867D
  • Careful: 5BFE17AB A5DC524C
  • Docile: 2C707820 9C67A3F0
  • Gentle: 7B499E06 77185F5C
  • Hasty: A79D2EF2 F82F5AF7
  • Impish: 4F71D6E0 699827D5
  • Jolly: 5769723D 1DA05C56
  • Lax: 2717EE59 7564BC55
  • Lonely: CD72C719 F2831689
  • Mild: 31D9195E 5DF03DCE
  • Modest: CA12F7A9 56873493
  • Naive: ED5B105D B88A30D8
  • Naughty: 2AC59EBF 40C4F367
  • Quiet: E7EC9FF0 70029AE9
  • Quirky: ADF48A64 04D2988F
  • Rash: 24775C3B A15419C7
  • Relaxed: 471AA96A 79ECA891
  • Sassy: EBA4E60F F5F19690
  • Serious: A8510C52 65C50481
  • Timid: 71296D0B D469AD70

Your Pokémon can essentially be perfect with this code. Finally, remember that cheat codes aren’t an organic part of the game, so it’s best not to use too many at the same time and always remember to save before using one.