Pokemon GO Excellent Throw and Curveball Guide

When trying to catch Pokemon, it can be difficult to time your throws to get the best result. To improve catch rates, players can time their throws to get better catches.

Pokemon Go Excellent Throw timing greatly improves the chance of catching a pokemon. Introducing Curveballs into this will give you the best chance of catching a Pokémon, although it requires extra finesse with your timing.

pokemon go excellent throw window eevee

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What are Excellent Throws in Pokemon GO?

When trying to catch a Pokemon, a small circle will shrink, turning from green to yellow to red. It will shrink towards the Pokémon’s face, and reset to the full size circle after it gets to its smallest size. A Pokemon GO excellent throw is successful when the pokeball lands inside the circle while it is still red. If the throw results in a successful catch, then players will be granted 1000 XP.

Catch rates improve to between 1.7x to 2x when combined with a curveball vs a normal pokeball throw.

How do you do Curveballs in Pokemon GO?

There are a few ways to do curveballs in Pokemon GO. The easiest but slowest method is to hold the pokeball and move your finger in a circle until the ball starts to spin.

Players can then flick the ball upwards and the ball should move in an arc based on the direction the player spun the ball. Curveballs travel a little slower due to moving in an arc, so you will need to learn a new timing. You can also flick the ball in a wide curve, however you run the risk of the game treating it as a straight throw.

For consistent curveballs, we recommend the spin method. Since every pokeball counts, it almost feels a waste to not throw a curveball after you learn the timing!

Practice your curveballs timing on easy to catch pokemon during your Pokemon GO excellent throw practice.

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