Remnant 2 Crossplay: Can You Survive Across Platforms?

Remnant 2 is a third-person shooter inspired by Soulslike video games. It’s a game that puts you against various types of enemies and unique bosses with various alternative ways to kill them and so on. This multiplayer game allows you to play with friends and random players, as everyone is free to join anyone’s public game.

But is Remnant 2 crossplay a thing? Let’s find out!


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Does Remnant 2 support crossplay?

Unfortunately, there is no crossplay in Remnant 2. But from recent news, it seems the developers are keen on implementing this much-needed feature. All we can do is wait for further information from Gunfire games.

While disappointing, it’s not exactly uncommon for RPGs such as this to lack crossplay. So many players play solo or with friends on the same platform that it’s not often a priority. Check out our Elden Ring crossplay guide if you need more answers.

Are we getting Remnant 2 Cross Platform?

Since its launch, many players have been asking developers to add this feature to the game, and we might get one soon enough. The rumor mill is hard at work and it seems that the devs are in the process of making crossplay available. From what we heard, it’s at its final testing stage. Unfortunately, we do not have any information on when it will be released, so we can only wait. For now, many players look forward to this and are awaiting this addition to the game.

Crossplay won’t just be handy for those who have friends on different platforms, but it will also expand the player pool and allow everyone to find teammates more easily. This news of crossplay goes as far back as August so hopefully fans won’t be waiting much longer.

Gunfire Games are in the works for the crossplay feature, but don’t let that get you down. You can still enjoy the game and play with others in the recent DLC The Awakened King, which was dropped back in November.

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