Splitgate Ranks – All You Need On Splitgate Ranked Gameplay

Splitgate is a free-to-play shooter that every fan of Portal has strived for, as it combined the FPS mechanics with one of the most popular Valve titles almost perfectly. The Splitgate Ranking system is actually quite straightforward, but if you are having trouble understanding it, do not worry; we got you covered.

What modes are available in the ranking system in Splitgate?

While Splitgate has quite a lot of game modes, not all of them are available in Ranked play. The ones that you can queue up to earn Splitgate ranks and increase your potential to participate in esports tournaments or play with some esports streamers are Ranked Takedown and Ranked 4v4.

Ranked Takedown

In this 3v3 game mode, the goal is to make sure that all players on the opposing team are dead at the same time. This means when a player is killed, they will respawn after some time, and the timer to respawn increases each time a player dies. In order to win the match, players will have to win four out of seven rounds. In Ranked Takedown, players will spawn with a pistol and carbine.

Ranked 4v4

In this ranked game mode, players will be thrown into a game that is played on one of the following modes:

  • Ranked Domination – Players fight for control over 3 Hills; controlling each point awards 1 point per second, and the winner is the one that gets to 600 points first. In Ranked, players spawn with pistol and carbine, and radar is disabled.
  • Ranked King of the Hill – Players aim to take control of the Hill, which is a random location that moves throughout the match. As players control the hill, they gain points, and at the end of the match, the team with the most points wins. In Ranked, players spawn with pistol and carbine, and radar is disabled.
  • Ranked Team Deathmatch – Players gain points by killing ones on the opposing team. Each kill gives one point, and assists do not give points. The team that gets to 50 kills first wins the match. In Ranked, players spawn with pistol and carbine, and radar is disabled.

How does the Splitgate ranking system work?

In the ranked game modes we mentioned above, the games are filled with players of similar Splitgate ranks, and bots participate in the game only if a player disconnects (they replace the disconnected player).

Splitgate Screenshot

The ranked system works on the ELO score, which is awarded for performing well in the matches and winning them. Players can, of course, also lower their ELO score by losing games. The ELO ranking system does not take any other kind of progress into the matchmaking evaluation (that means that the player level and battle pass progress are not taken into consideration). Different Ranked modes have their own separate ELO score.

These are the Splitgate ranks based on ELO points:

  • No Rank – Unranked
  • Brass (0 – 999)
  • Bronze I (1,000 – 1,099)
  • Bronze II (1,100 – 1,199)
  • Bronze III (1,200 – 1,299)
  • Bronze IV (1,300 – 1,399)
  • Bronze V (1,400 – 1,499)
  • Silver I (1,500 – 1,599)
  • Silver II (1,600 – 1,699)
  • Silver III (1,700 – 1,799)
  • Silver IV (1,800 – 1,899)
  • Silver V (1,900 – 1,999)
  • Gold I (2,000 – 2,099)
  • Gold II (2,100 – 2,199)
  • Gold III (2,200 – 2,299)
  • Gold IV (2,300 – 2,399)
  • Gold V (2,400 – 2,499)
  • Platinum I (2,500 – 2,599)
  • Platinum II (2,600 – 2,699)
  • Platinum III (2,700 – 2,799)
  • Platinum IV (2,800 – 2,899)
  • Platinum V (2,900 – 2,999)
  • Diamond I (3,000 – 3,099)
  • Diamond II (3,100 – 3,199)
  • Diamond III (3,200 – 3,299)
  • Diamond IV (3,300 – 3,399)
  • Diamond V (3,400 – 3,499)
  • Master I (3,500 – 3,599)
  • Master II (3,600 – 3,699)
  • Master III (3,700 – 3,799)
  • Master IV (3,800 – 3,899)
  • Master V (3,900 – 3,999)
  • Champion (4,000-5,000)

Are there ranked rewards?

Currently, there are no rewards for ranked play in Splitgate, but you will unlock camos and earn XP by participating in ranked Play.