The Sims 1 Cheat Codes and Console Commands

The Sims debuted in 2000, being developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. It was a revolutionary title, built off the back of the success of Simcity, offering players the ability to live out a fantastic virtual life, creating a ‘Sim’ and working their way through their own unique journey. Today, we’re taking a look back at the game and breaking down a list of all The Sims 1 cheat codes, which people have been using for more than two decades in the game.

Once upon a time, The Sims was the best-selling PC game in history. Within five years of its release, The Sims had shipped more than 16 million copies, and it continued to be expanded with packs that introduced new themes, furniture, and pathways. By 2023, a dozen more games in The Sims franchise have been released, and the series continues to be massively successful. If you want to go back and relive the game, then don’t forget to make use of the best cheat codes for Sims 1.

Here’s everything you need to know.

the sims 1 cheat codes

Why Is The Sims So Popular?

The Sims allowed gamers to live a life outside of their own. It was escapism at its very best, as in The Sims, there was no limit to the player’s potential. They could build a big, well-furnished house, get married, have children, and climb the ladder to sit at the peak of their careers. They could become a master artist or a musician in a matter of hours, and it was actually fun to do so. It was a case of Maxis and Electronic Arts hitting the nail on the head, and people loved living out an imaginary life in The Sims.

As time went on, The Sims became zanier, introducing titles like The Sims Bustin’ Out and The Urbz: Sims in the City. There were some bizarre titles released that changed up the formula entirely, such as The Sims 2: Castaway, which saw Sims stranded on a tropical island, charged with scavenging resources to survive. By today, The Sims still sits firmly up in the realms of popularity, but it has been expanded immeasurably.

In The Sims 4, for example, players regularly make use of custom content, mods, and of course, cheats. When it comes to The Sims 4 cheat codes, players use them just as actively as they would have used The Sims 1 cheat codes some twenty years before, as they ultimately make the game easier and more entertaining.

There’s endless potential for The Sims as a franchise, it’s just a case of where Electronic Arts wants to take it next.

The Sims 1 Cheat Codes for PlayStation 2

While The Sims 1 debuted as a PC-exclusive game, it would later be released on the PlayStation 2, one of the most popular home consoles of all time. Here’s the full list of cheat codes for Sims 1 that you’ll need to enjoy a retro playthrough.

To activate the cheat menu, hold L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 in the main menu, this will then open the cheat context menu. Then, type in the following code.

  • freeall – everything is free
  • MIDAS – unlocks all hidden two-player games and objects
  • Party M – unlock the secret Party Motel game mode
  • Sims – unlock the Play The Sims mode without going through the main story
  • fish eye – unlock first-person mode, which can be a little jarring

That’s all The Sims 1 cheat codes available on the PlayStation 2 version of the game, but it’s enough to blow the title wide open. Next, we’ll look at cheat codes for Sims 1 on PC.

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The Sims 1 Cheat Codes for PC

the sims 1 cheat codes pc

Image Credit: Electronic Arts

There are far more cheat codes for The Sims 1 on PC than there are on PlayStation 2. It’s a different game entirely, though – The Sims 1 on PC looks and feels totally different to the ‘lite’ version released on PlayStation 2, and as a game, it’s much deeper. There are so many more command console codes that can be entered to manipulate the game to great lengths. Here’s the full list of The Sims 1 cheat codes that you’ll need to augment your PC playthrough:

To activate the cheat menu, press CTRL + SHIFT + C at any point to bring up the command prompt. Then, enter the code that you want to use from the list below. If you enter an exclamation mark (!), you’ll repeat the last cheat entered, and if you use a semi-colon (;) you can type in several codes back-to-back.

  • Klapaucius – Get 1000 Simoleons (use ROSEBUD if it doesn’t work)
  • water_tool – Unlock an island-based home
  • hist_add – Add all-new family history
  • auto_level – Advanced architecture tools automatically level the house
  • house <house number> – Automatically load the target house without any requirements
  • prepare_lot – Fix everything on the lot that’s broken
  • edit_char – Enter create-a-character mode at any point
  • Interests – Display a Sims’ personality attributes and traits
  • map_edit off – Map editor disabled
  • map_edit on – Map editor enabled
  • move_objects – Move any object wherever you so desire
  • tutorial off – Turn off the tutorial, even when you load the tutorial house
  • Quit – Instantly quit the game
  • restore_tut – Restart the tutorial
  • rotation <0-3> – Rotate camera
  • fam_test <opcount> – Test random operations on random families
  • save – Save currently loaded house
  • History – Save family history file
  • draw_routes on – Selected person’s path displayed
  • autonomy <1-100> – Set the autonomy level for your Sims
  • edit_grass <number> – Set grass change value
  • grow_grass <0-150> – Set grass growth
  • lot_size <number> – Set lot size
  • set_hour <1-24> – Set time of day
  • auto_reset – Toggle automatic object reset feature
  • cam_mode – Toggle camera mode
  • Music – Turn the music on or off
  • Sound – Turn sounds on or off
  • reload_people – Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins
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Are You Ready for a Retro Adventure?

While The Sims is more than twenty years old, it’s still a fun game that many people can enjoy today. It’s a trip down memory lane, but that’s easily appreciated from time to time. It’ll bring memories flooding back if you used to play The Sims, and everything from the story to the soundtrack is entertaining. With all The Sims 1 cheat codes you could ever need to hand, you’ll also be able to manipulate your game to eliminate the grind.

Have fun living an entirely new but retro life as a Sim! If you need to pick up cheats and tips for other games, be sure to check out our collection of gaming guides.

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