Is VALORANT Cross-Platform? Our VALORANT Crossplay Guide

Released on June 2 2020, VALORANT is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed by Riot Games. Since its launch, it has seen rapid growth to become one of the biggest esports titles in the world. Currently, it has over 23 million active players monthly. With this huge popularity, many fans want to know, is VALORANT cross-platform?

valorant corssplay

While VALORANT is only available on PC, Riot Games have confirmed that it’s coming to mobile soon. VALORANT Mobile is set to be a completely different game which is currently in testing. There have also been many leaks pointing to the idea that a console version is planned to be developed in the near future.

So, if you are asking if Valorant is on Xbox, the answer is not yet. However, it’s still not confirmed it will be coming, though. Bringing an FPS title like VALORANT for a controller-based platform is a challenge. 

What is Cross-Platform?

Some current VALORANT players may be asking what is crossplay? Crossplay or cross-platform is a system that large game companies have introduced to their games to allow friends to play together from different platforms such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and mobile. Most major game titles have introduced crossplay, but not all.


Credit: Riot Games

An example of a game that provides good cross platform support is Overwatch. In the VALORANT vs Overwatch debate, a major positive for Overwatch players is the Overwatch cross play system.

Crossplay is enabled for all game modes in Overwatch apart from Competitive, which means that players can still play with their friends whenever they want to. Competitive matchmaking is split into two pools: one for console players, and another for PC players. Thus, controller players are separated from the keyboard and mouse players in Competitive. Overwatch is considered to be one of the best crossplay games.

Is VALORANT Mobile Cross-Platform?

VALORANT mobile crossplay has been a concern for some people after the announcement of the VALORANT mobile project. This is because we have seen in the past that the experience of playing a mobile game can be very different to that of a PC player. It’s much easier to aim and move on a keyboard and mouse. It can be unfair to match PC players against the mobile players.

With VALORANT Mobile being a separate game with distinct round timings and overall scores, the game will not be cross platform. Thus, Riot has been clarified that there are no plans for VALORANT mobile crossplay.

valorant corssplay

Credit: Riot Games

Is VALORANT Cross-Region?

As well as asking is VALORANT cross-platform, many people are wanting to know is VALORANT cross-region? Sadly, just like League of Legends, VALORANT no longer has a region selector. You are locked to whichever region you have chosen. If you have created an account in Europe, then you will be automatically given the Europe region. You cannot play with your friends from other places around the world.

However, there is one way to bypass this region lock. You first need to download a VPN (a free trial would work) and set the region to whichever server you wish to play on. Then you can create a new account, which will be locked to the same region as your VPN, and you will be able to play with your friends without any problems.

We hope that this has answered the question: is VALORANT cross-platform? Console players can look forward to the day when they can experience what it is like to play VALORANT for themselves, and if the leaks are true, then PC players will soon be able to play with their console friends. For those already playing on PC and waiting to play with their console friends, check out VALORANT pro settings to give you an even bigger head start and help you improve quickly.