Best Audio Settings to Hear Footsteps in Warzone 2

When the Modern Warfare II beta debuted, it brought with it some of the loudest footsteps we’ve ever heard in Call of Duty. Furthermore, the developers stripped out any silent footsteps perks, instead opting to – once again – include Dead Silence as a field upgrade. Since then, the footsteps have been adjusted and they’ve been made quieter. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a guide that details the best Warzone 2 audio settings to hear subtle sounds like footsteps.

For the most part, audio settings are subjective. It must be stressed that almost everybody has a different set-up: various headsets, speakers, sound bars, and subwoofers, for example. Also, there are some dramatically different playstyles out there, with many gamers opting to play while talking loudly to their friends or even blaring their favourite music. So, we’ve tried to keep this guide as generic as possible, bringing you what should be the best Warzone 2 audio settings regardless of your setup.

How to Hear Footsteps Better in Warzone 2

best warzone 2 audio settings guide

If you don’t listen to those footsteps, you’ll be meeting these guys very quickly.

It can often be tricky to hear footsteps in Warzone 2, given that it’s a… Well, it’s a Warzone. However, with the best Warzone 2 audio settings, you can accomplish anything you set your ears to, and that includes hearing footsteps much more clearly. Firstly, there are a few lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your listening abilities:

  • Stand still if you think you hear footsteps because it might be paranoia-induced confusion that has you listening to your own boots.
  • If you can, use suppressed weapons – they’re not all that much quieter, but they do go some way to keeping things a little more hush-hush.
  • If you’re looking for the best Warzone 2 audio settings, you really do need to use a gaming headset. There are no two ways about it, a headset is unequivocally the best way to play Warzone 2 – you just cannot get the same audio clarity with desktop speakers or the sound from a television.
  • Tell your teammates to shut up with the command ‘comms’. It’s the easiest way to quiet down the conversation if you think you hear footsteps.

With that in mind, our guide to the best Warzone 2 audio settings is tailored to the use of a headset. Read on to see the best setting we can muster up.

Best Audio Settings in Warzone 2

best audio settings

If you want to hear footsteps better in Warzone 2, you’ll a) need a headset, and b) your AUDIO MIX should be set to HEADPHONE BASS BOOST. This is the most effective way to hear low-level, bassy sounds like boots on the ground. From there, everything else is mostly subjective, but from my own personal perspective, it’s a good idea to turn down the master volume a touch, as there are some sounds in the game that are deafening and they can catch you off-guard with ease.

Further down that screen, you’ll see ‘AUDIO ADVANCED SETTINGS’, but there isn’t much to switch on or off here. If there’s one thing you should do, it’s switch REDUCE TINNITUS SOUND to ON, which lowers the ear-ringing effect brought on by being caught by a flashbang, stun, or explosion. If someone was to stun you and push you, you wouldn’t be able to hear their footsteps over the tinnitus.

Finally, for the best Warzone 2 audio settings (PC), make sure you’re making use of whatever onboard software you have. For instance, I have a Razer headset and I use Razer Synapse to tweak my settings perfectly, and this can be achieved by using either a preset or manual balancing process.

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