Top 5 Things To Know About Strongholds and Black Sites in Warzone 2.0

In Warzone 2.0, there are a few new features, such as a new circle mechanic, new buy stations, and, of course, a brand-new map. When the game launched in November 2022, Strongholds and Black Sites were also introduced, offering challenging, intense locations to players that wanted to loot the best gear. They’re packed full of chests, high-end weapons, and killstreaks, but to get to them, you’ll need a few key tips – Warzone 2.0 Strongholds are no walk in the park.

From cracked AI opponents to a signal that alerts other players to your presence, Warzone 2.0 Strongholds can be tough to tackle. There’s an even higher level of difficulty waiting for you in a Black Site, so how can you dominate these locations quickly enough to take advantage of them?

How To Tackle Warzone 2.0 Strongholds and Black Sites

warzone 2.0 strongholds

Image Credit: Activision

There’s a lot of value to be found in the Warzone 2.0 Strongholds, from boxes that contain high-value loot to a free custom loadout. There’s also a keycard to be found in a cleared-out Stronghold that’ll grant access to an even tougher location, a Black Site. Not only that, but once you’ve cleared a Stronghold and collected your loadout, you’ll have all four perks instantly activated in your custom loadout.

1. Strike when the Strongholds go live

In Warzone 2.0, there are a few minutes between the game going live and the Strongholds opening up. In any one round, there will be just three Strongholds on the map, and they’ll be located in different places in every round. It’s so important to be the first player on-site, as it’s a key location that dozens of other players will be trying to access.

2. Don’t go in empty-handed

These locations are tough, and you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a good weapon and a 3-Plate Armor Vest at the very minimum. If you’re hurting for a weapon after landing, check out what you can buy from the new buy stations scattered around the map, then make your way in, locked and loaded.

3. Play it safe

When you enter a Stronghold for the first time, you may not be expecting heavily-armoured enemies and even riot shield troopers. It’s advised to take flash grenades, and if you can find them, semtex grenades, to deal with these tricky opponents. It’s wise to clear corners and rooms before you advance through the building at a high speed.

4. It’s different in DMZ

If you’re playing DMZ, the Warzone 2.0 Strongholds aren’t simply open at the start of the game. While there are more possible Stronghold locations in DMZ, you won’t be able to get inside them until you find or purchase (at a buy station) a Stronghold keycard.

5. It gets harder with a Black Site

Once you’ve finished a Stronghold location, you can move to a Black Site, using your newly acquired, high-value keycard. These don’t exist in DMZ – they’re exclusive to battle royale – and they’re extremely difficult. At a Black Site, you’ll find a ticking time bomb guarded by a Juggernaut and high-tier AI enemies, but once you defeat the Juggernaut, you’ll pick up a weapons case, and a permanent UAV that lasts for the duration of the current circle.