When it comes to elite talents in the DPS position in Overwatch, few players can hold a candle to the consistent performances of Jae-Hyeok ‘Carpe’ Lee.

Since his early days as an up and coming prospect, Carpe has consistently been the most talented player on his team in many different environments. From world class Widowmaker snipes, to quick witted Tracer outplays, Carpe has consistently brought a high level of mechanics and natural ability with his on stage performances.

Different kind of sniper

Carpe approaches the game of Overwatch in the same cold blooded manner a lethal shooter approaches the basket — hesitate for one second and he’s already taken off. Since the start of the Overwatch League, Carpe has consistently shown his skill even when his team’s winning record is poor. When it comes to elite Widowmaker gameplay, every other DPS in the league is put on high alert when the meta is in Carpe’s favor.

Carpe player

It’s not just in game presence that makes him elite. Carpe’s unparalleled ability to stay alive on even the most vulnerable offensive heroes makes him a rare commodity. When his team gets behind, Carpe becomes the anchor. If his team gets ahead, he becomes the spark plug that takes off and leads the team to victory.

As the Overwatch League season has worn on, Carpe has made his presence known as one of the best talents to come out of the meagering APEX teams and his consistency has been rewarded with high finishes. On virtually any given hero, Carpe has the capability to make it a hard night for any DPS opposition and his greatest moments are likely still yet to come.

Seizing the league

Stats are not the only metric that make him the player he is. Coming from humble beginnings as a kid in Daejeon, Carpe set out from an early age to be the best Overwatch player he could be. Since school wasn’t a priority, Carpe put all his chips on the table to make his dream come true and turned pro at the age of 16 as he began competing for BK Stars.

Carpe overwatch

Since the first Season of Overwatch, Carpe has been a consistently high ranking player that has achieved meteoric heights with his gameplay. When Carpe is firing on all cylinders, it’s hard for other teams to quell the threat, and as he continues to surround himself with great teammates, the potential for his success as a decorated Overwatch professional becomes all the more likely.

After his initial burst onto the scene with BK Stars, Carpe always had it ingrained in his mind to ‘seize the day’ in an attempt to live up to his namesake. With each passing performance in the OWL, it becomes evident that Carpe is doing just that as he never wastes an opportunity to make the crowd cheer his name. Play after play, it’s becoming clearer that Carpe isn’t a stranger to highlight reels. In any given moment of frantic teamfighting, Carpe will always be the player to rely on his instincts to pull him through, and he hasn’t been let down yet.

Jae-Hyeok "Carpe" Lee

As a signed free agent at the start of the Overwatch League, Carpe has risen his stock exponentially throughout the season. As new teams get set to join the OWL next year, it’s hard to see Philadelphia Fusion not giving a bump to Carpe’s salary in an attempt to keep him satisfied for the future. To be a successful Overwatch team, you need a flexible DPS core that are bulletproof to any meta, and Philly Fusion have the pieces with Carpe and Eqo at the helm.

Humble but deadly

The pitfalls of a typical professional gamer are rampant throughout the Overwatch League. But Carpe’s ability to steady himself through self-analysis is a breath of fresh air in a league predicated off hubris. Even though he is widely regarded as the consensus best Widowmaker player in the league, Carpe refuses to give himself higher than a 7/10 rating for his own performances as he constantly finds reasons to improve.

This kind of attitude needs to become the standard for the best players in any sport in order to truly maximize potential. His ability to focus on himself mechanically while also being able to predict the enemy’s gameplan and counter effectively has made all his teammates better as a result.


As Carpe continues to self analyze and reflect, the prospects for his team become infinitely greater as he consistently outperforms his colleagues. Regardless of result, every performance for Carpe is a learning experience and that kind of attitude is emblematic of championship winning DNA. If consistency is a grading criteria for MVP of the Overwatch League, it’s hard to pass up Carpe as a lock to earn those honors.