Dream Team CSGO: how would a Counter-Strike dream team look like?

You are probably lying if you said that you have never built your dream team in CSGO. Betway produced an excellent YouTube video alongside f0rest where the Swedish CSGO player built his team. However, Patrik used players from earlier versions of CSGO and this is why we’ll provide you with our dream team CSGO.

Take note that this is only our opinion and if you do not agree with us, how would your dream team CSGO look like?

Dream Team CSGO – Roles

  • In-game Leader(IGL)
  • AWP
  • Support(Rifler)
  • Lurker(Rifler)
  • Entry Fragger(Rifler)

What will this Dream Team CSGO be based on?

Keep in mind that some of the players mentioned in this dream team CSGO are well past their prime and they are having an awful year for themselves. Some of them are even close to retiring right now. This is why we are only talking about these players once they were at their best.

You also need to be aware that this post will not be based on up and coming talents, and there are quite a few of those. We will focus our efforts towards the established players who have won a lot of events and who carved the path for younger generations of CSGO players.

In-Game Leader(IGL) – gla1ve

Let’s start with the most important role in the team, IGL. You can clearly see how hard FaZe struggles once they decided to replace karrigan. Lack of a proper leader will hurt every team as they will not have a playstyle anymore. This basically means that you can have tons of hard hitters in the form of NiKo, GuardiaN, rain, olofmeister and it simply would not be enough.

To cut things short, gla1ve is my pick in this one. Danish CSGO player is definitely Astralis’ engine and he is the one(alongside zonic) who prepares everything. Once you see how good of a default Astralis have and how brutal their executes are, you simply have to side with us in this one.

Keep in mind that certain IGL’s do not even want to frag, and gla1ve is definitely a capable rifler. Definitely the best IGL in CSGO ever, no doubt about it.

Dream Team CSGO Gla1ve

© Starladder

AWP – s1mple

I think we can all agree that s1mple is the best killing machine that has ever touched this game. This guy is simply incredible. However, there are some players that are also unbelievably good with AWP.

The main reason why s1mple is my pick in this one is because he is versatile and he can deliver with rifles or pistols as well, while most of the other AWPers are only tied to the big green gun, and we all know that you cannot have that throughout the entire game, especially if something goes wrong.

Dream Team CSGO S1mple

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Support(Rifler) – KRIMZ

No doubt about it. Swedish CSGO player has been dominating everyone in 2019, and he is unlucky not to be playing in a better team. Not only did KRIMZ frag like a madman, but he also did it as a support player.

If you do not know what a support player is, let me explain it real quick. You are basically sacrificing yourself for the team either by buying utility and a weaker rifle or by simply creating a space for your team. All in all, you are setting up plays for your teammates.

There are also other excellent support players but in my dream team CSGO, Swedish powerhouse takes the spot of the best support in CSGO.

Dream Team CSGO Krimz


Lurker(Rifler) – GeT_RiGhT

Popular CSGO commentator once stated this: “if you do not know where GeT_RiGhT is, look behind you.” I believe that this statement describes everything you need to know about this legendary CSGO player.

Even though GeT_RiGhT is well past his prime in 2019, he will still go in the history books as one of the best players that ever played this game. From my perspective, you will have a hard time finding a better lurker for your dream team CSGO.

Awareness, precision, movement, positioning are just some of the key mechanics a lethal lurker must have in his arsenal. GeT_RiGhT ticks all of those boxes and a couple of years ago, he would wreak havoc from unbelievable positions.

I’m really interested in who would you rate as the best lurker that every played CSGO?

Dream Team CSGO Get_Right


Entry Fragger(Rifler) – dupreeh

There are two kinds of entry fraggers. The ones that get kills on the entry, and the ones that will create the space for the team. Stat wise, s1mple is an absolute unit in this department but this is not his main role.

However, dupreeh is always the first one going in for Astralis and in most scenarios, he is opening the site himself. Keep in mind that a good entry fragger will also need a lot of help from his team, and if they can provide him with necessary utility in the form of flashes, smokes, and molotovs, entry fraggers such as dupreeh will shine.

However, in 2019, entry fragging is not a thing anymore, mainly because most of the teams are relying on their strategy.

Dream Team CSGO Dupreeh

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