Kim “Hanlabong” Dong-ha is regarded as one of the, if not the best top laners in Korea having found major success in the LCK within the past two years. Khan is a veteran in competitive League of Legends, having began his journey in late 2013 with Prime Optimus, a sister team for Prime Sentinel.


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Getting noticed

Departing Prime Optimus in July of 2014, Khan was recruited to China to join the Team WE Academy, the sister team for one of China’s best teams, Team WE / World Elite. There, he built up his skills and communication, before finally being noticed by a main team, Newbee. While Newbee was struggling in the LPL, this was Khan’s first big experience in the big stage. Unfortunately, Khan was moved to their sister team, Newbee Young due to the main team’s subpar performance, where he then spent his time as the team’s substitute top laner.

Gaining success

While Khan failed to find success with his teams in the LPL, he was noticed by those back home in Korea. This soon led him to being picked up by Longzhu Gaming, one of Korea’s top teams. While many remained sceptical of Khan given his absence from the LCK, this soon changed when he easily settled in with the team and immediately showed results. Having joined only in May, Khan and Longzhu went on to dominate the Summer Playoffs, claiming first place. While they fell short in worlds, being defeated in the quarterfinals, Khan demonstrated his ability as one of the best top laners in the world.

More recently

With Longzhu rebranding to Kingzone, Khan was now officially part of the ‘new’ team. While the team were strong in the first half of the year, cleanly taking out first in the Spring split, Spring playoffs and second in the 2018 Mid Seasonal Invitational, they fell short in the Summer season. There, Kingzone came third in the Summer Playoffs, losing their opportunity to enter Worlds. However, they cemented their position as one of the top LCK teams with a second place finish at the Korea Regional Finals of 2018.