One of the most veteran players, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has once again stated his determination to not only make it to the League of Legends World Championship, but to take out the event. This follows sOAZ’s amazing run with Fnatic in 2018, where they claimed second place in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, the highest a western team have ever placed in the past five years of the event.

More recently

Currently, sOAZ along with his team Misfits Gaming are performing extremely strongly, 2-0 in the 2019 LEC Spring split having defeated both Rogue and SK Gaming. While sOAZ has stated the team initially had a slow start and are still trying to achieve high level synergy, there is no denying Misifts are already performing very well.


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sOAZ on Fnatic

While Fnatic ended on a high last year being the runners up to Worlds, they have had an extremely poor start, down 0-2. sOAZ states Fnatic has not been playing like he had saw them at worlds, where the team is currently showing a lack of confidence in their play. This is likely brought by some of the team’s roster changes and the overall pressure the team is facing to perform.

Making a comeback to worlds

Given Misfit’s strong early performance and great opportunity to develop even further, there is a good chance the team will make it to worlds. Ofcourse it is too early to compare the team to their international rivals until all stars, however, many remain hopeful of Misfits.

sOAZ is firm that he will continue to compete professionally as long he has the ability to, and has no immediate plans of retirement or moving to a coaching role. This is extremely admirable considering his long career, starting in late 2010 with against All authority.