Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 – Teams, Prize Pool & Schedule

The Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 is set to take place from Nov. 25 to 27 with 16 of the best teams competing. Besides the prize pool of more than $500,000, the teams will be competing for the title of the 2022 world champions. 

BSWF 2022

Sixteen teams have qualified for the 2022 World Finals through seven monthly seasons parts of the Brawl Stars 2022 Pro Circuit. These monthly seasons took place across six regions globally with each season granting qualification points. The teams with the most qualification points from each region have qualified. 

Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Format & Teams

The tournament will have a simple format consisting of a single-elimination bracket. The criteria for the seedings of this bracket haven’t been revealed yet. Each will be the best-of-five sets with each set being the best-of-three games. The grand finals is an exception as it will consist of a best-of-seven set.

Fifteen teams have qualified through the six regions in the Brawl Stars Championship 2022. Besides this, one more team representing China will be attending as well.

  • Tribe Gaming EU (EMEA)
  • Reply Totem (EMEA)
  • SK Gaming (EMEA)
  • Team Queso (EMEA)
  • Natus Vincere (EMEA)
  • Chasmac Gaming EU (EMEA)
  • Tribe Gaming (North America and LATAM North)
  • Vatra Gaming (North America and LATAM North)
  • STMN Esports (North America and LATAM North)
  • AC Milan QLASH (LATAM South)
  • Chasmac Gaming BR (LATAM South)
  • ZEST Latam (LATAM South)
  • Stalwart Esports (SESA and ANZ)
  • Nova Esports (China)

Venue and Tickets

The Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 is set to be a spectacle never seen before in the game’s competitive history. The event is set to happen at Disneyland in Paris, FranceThe event is also set to be a special one as it will be the first World Finals in two years which will feature a live audience. The past two years’ World Finals were played without fans at the venue due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tickets to the event are currently live (here) and cost 25€ each. 

paris disneyland

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Brawl Stars World Finals prize pool can be increased to $1 million

Just like last year, Supercell is allowing crowdfunding to the prize pool. The Finnish developer is contributing $500,000 to the prize pool. Fans will be able to increase this to $1 million by purchasing World Finals-themed items. These will be live in the game from Nov. 4 to 6. Here’s how to download Brawl Stars and contribute.

Watch the Brawl Stars World Finals 2022 Live:

You can tune into the Brawl Stars World Finals in multiple languages on the official Twitch and YouTube channels.

The schedule for the event is as follows:  (Matches start at 12PM GMT each day)

  • Nov. 25: Round of 16 part one
  • Nov. 26: Round of 16 part two
  • Nov. 27: Quarterfinals, semifinals, and the grand final