Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a hugely popular title in the mobile esports scene. With the rapid growth of this esports title around the world, more viewers are turning to Mobile Legends betting in order to add extra excitement to their experience. We’re here today to answer the question of which is the best Mobile Legends betting site for you.

Best Mobile Legends betting sites 2022

We have found the best sites that will give you the best esports odds for Mobile Legends:

Why bet on Mobile Legends?

New viewers may wonder why they would want to bet on Mobile Legends tournaments. Here are three great reasons why esports betting is becoming more popular across the world:

  1. Brings more excitement – Often, when watching esports, viewers will have a favourite team that they are waiting to watch, and they are not interested in the other matches being played. Placing a bet can make these other matches more interesting for them, as now they have a reason to watch and get invested in another team. This will also help grow your understanding of more teams and players in the esport.
  2. It grows the esports betting market – As a result of more people betting, more interest and investment from large betting companies will go into esports. This will inevitably make esports become more mainstream with more advertisements in the betting industry.
  3. Great odds – Most bookmakers are now including esports as part of their betting options. Many are providing great odds and welcome bonuses for new users, so be sure to take these offers whilst the chance is still there.

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Mobile Legends betting markets

With the MLBB World Championship approaching in January 2023, new and experienced viewers will be looking to place bets while watching. As bookmakers start to invest more in esports betting, it allows for a larger range of betting markets. This means that now you can not only bet on which team will win the entire tournament, but you can also bet on specialist aspects of the game.

Here are the main betting markets of MLBB:

  • Tournament winner – Viewers can bet on who will win a given tournament before it begins.
  • Match winner – Viewers can bet on which team will win a given match, the most frequent type of esports betting.
  • Map winner – MLBB matches can be Bo1/Bo3/Bo5/Bo7, so viewers can bet on which team will win a specific map in the series before it starts.
  • First tower destroyed – The main goal of MLBB is to destroy the other team’s towers, and viewers can bet on which team is stronger and will destroy an opposition tower first. Usually, this type of bet has good odds.
  • First blood – Viewers can bet on which team will make the first kill on the map. The betting odds associated with this type of bet are usually high.
  • First Baron or Dragon – The betting option allows you to stake on the team that will destroy an enemy’s first Baron or Dragon. Your understanding of the strengths of each character will give you an insight into which team to back.
  • Total Number of Kills – Viewers can bet on the number of kills a certain player or team will score. This betting option can also have other variations, such as total kills odd/even.
  • Most Kills – Viewers can bet on the team or player who they think will end the game with the most kills. It would be useful to know the roles of each player in the game to give you the best chance of predicting correctly.

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Mobile Legends betting tips

If you are looking to bet on esports as a new viewer, it can be difficult and risky at times. These are some tips to give you the best chance at winning big:

Study the teams and players beforehand – Ensure you are familiar with which teams are the favourites to win the tournament and who has performed consistently well throughout the year. If you are fully invested in the esport, you can find out the teams strengths and weaknesses, which will give you a better insight into the outcome of the match and can put you one step ahead of the betting site. For example, analysing past head-to-head encounters is one way that you can achieve this. It is also important to look at who are the best players in Mobile Legends, as betting on the top performers is a much safer strategy.

Understand the game fully – Similar to the last point, you must make sure that you understand what each player’s role is on the map. This can help you predict what each player is more likely do, which will help you when placing a bet (for example which player is more aggressive and more likely to get a first kill)

Stay informed of the esport – Events such as new game-changing updates, roster changes and stand-ins can drastically change the outcome of a match or tournament. Staying informed about these things will help you to make sure you aren’t making an obvious mistake when placing your bet. Here you can find Mobile esports news, which will keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the Mobile Legends scene.

Research different sites beforehand – Ensure that you have looked at all of the odds that the best esports betting sites are offering. Check all of the sites to see whether or not a different one has better odds for the bet you are wanting to place. It can also be useful to handicap your bets, in order to get better returns when backing the favourites. It may take some time until you are able to effectively handicap bets, but once you are able to it can give great rewards.